Visit the other Zoo at the Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus

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Experience the other "Zoo" at Polaris Fashion Place in Columbus, OH — an exciting destination that will capture the hearts of kids.

Polaris Mall Zoo

Polaris Zoo? Yes, although the Polaris Fashion Place is filled with upscale shops and restaurants, the first place the kids WE know want to go is the play area! Zoo-themed, it has a low-impact floor and soft play structures perfect for little ones. Animals and other zoo shapes to crawl on, jump off, and wiggle through to run off all that rainy day energy. Parents do have to supervise play, but you’d do that anywhere. Surrounded by cushy benches, parents can watch and give thumbs-ups in comfort.

We know, a mall isn’t the standard suggestion for a family rainy-day outing, but Polaris Fashion Place, locally known as Polaris Mall, is a new generation of mall and has this great free kid space for indoor play. North of Columbus, in northern Westerville, Polaris has become a destination mall.

If you do choose to spend a little, Polaris has rocking restaurants for meals, and every kind of shop under the sun. If you get their catalog, the store is here!

Polaris Fashion Place - zoo themed play area

And if you dread shopping with kids, this play area is a great bribe for younger kids. Shop a little, and then let them run off their energy here…or wear them out and take them shopping while they’re asleep in their stroller!

Polaris Fashion Place
1500 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, OH 43240

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