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There comes a time in life where your parents are ready to discuss selling the house and moving to somewhere with more assistance, or the option for more assistance is needed. It’s confusing and stressful for every family, trying to decide which community or home is just right. With everyone claiming their option is the best, the most perfect spot for everyone’s Mom or Dad…how do you choose? Where do you start?

A Place for Mom can help. They ask you and your parent(s) to tell them about what is most important in a living space, what you do and do not want. They also ask some basic questions about Mom/Dad’s health and what medical needs you’ll need to consider. They take this information and come back to you with 3-5 recommendations for places to visit and consider. The primary task, whittling a list of dozens down to several good choices, is done for you and done well.

Our own REALTOR, Sue Lusk-Gleich, called A Place for Mom, for her mother:

When I called them, they asked a series of questions to help me narrow down choices as to a place for my Mom here in Columbus. They saved us an enormous number of hours of research and visits with their knowledge of what was available in Columbus and how their recommendations would best fit my Mom based on our answers to their questions. All these retirement and long term health care facilities have their marketing departments that make every place sound like the place you would want to be. A Place for Mom helped us sort it all out. Mom went to one of the 4 recommendations they made to us and it was a perfect fit. The best part? A Place for Mom cost us absolutely nothing to use them and get those recommendations.

It’s important to read about the different types of care, and visit each option to be sure it’s as nice in person as it looks online or on paper. When you first begin to consider finding a place for your Mom or Dad, do a little research on what’s available in your area, or any area you’re considering. A Place for Mom covers the US and Canada, so they can help even if you’re not living in the same town as your parent. After you have a feel for what’s available, get a list of recommendations from A Place for Mom, so you can visit and research the places they suggest. Ask lots of questions, paying attention to the answers and making notes for later considerations so you can compare important differences.

Some families may want to consult a financial planner and their parent’s physicians as well, since medical and financial considerations may be top-of-mind for many families.

The Columbus Team knows Columbus, but A Place for Mom knows senior living options, they’re who WE consult when it comes to finding a place for OUR Mom. We’re glad we found such a great resource to share with our friends and neighbors!

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