The Best Sledding Spots in Central Ohio!

Heather Gott, REALTOR Author - Heather Gott

The best sledding spots in Central Ohio are found in our gorgeous Metro Parks and community parks! A comprehensive list of great legal sledding hills.

It’s time to hit the slopes, and the best sledding spots in Central Ohio are found in our gorgeous Metro Parks and community parks! Our Metro Park system is well-patrolled by park rangers who have first aid training, and the hills set aside for sledding have hay bales around trees and obstacles which makes them a far safer option for kids and adults alike. Metro Parks also feature nearby parking and restrooms for their sledding hills. Some community parks also offer great sledding in Columbus, and have similar safety barriers, but may not have on-site restrooms or personnel.

The best sledding is LEGAL sledding: Please don’t trespass on private property to find good snow-covered hills. Also, please note that The Ohio State University has changed its policy for OSU golf courses, and is actively prohibiting sledding. Be a good neighbor, don’t sled where you aren’t allowed!

So try one of the hills on our list, or try them all: Enjoy the best sledding spots in Central Ohio as long as the snow lasts! As always, this list was accurate as of publication time, but circumstances do sometimes change, so please check websites or with the Parks and Rec department for the city before making plans to sled.

Community Parks

Antrim Park at 5800 Olentangy River Road: This Clintonville/Worthington community park has a great sledding hill for small children. The extreme sledders won’t be thrilled, but little sledders and parents who want a shorter, gentler climb to the top will be very happy.

Clinton-Como Park at the west end of Weber Road: This pocket park in Clintonville has a sledding hill tucked away that’s long enough to thrill any kid who wants “More!” and gentle enough to be easy on parents who have to haul sleds back to the top. Very limited parking.

Fryer Park at 3899 Orders Road: One of our favorite parks in Grove City offers a designated sledding hill, and has parking and restrooms available nearby.

Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park at 3800 Veterans Memorial Drive: This Hilliard city park offers good sledding with limited parking.

Olentangy River Parklands at 600 West Wilson Bridge Road: This tucked-away gem in Worthington has a variety of hills and experiences. The main hill is a moderate sized knob that allows a long run for sledders and snowboarders. A very gentle hill near the tennis courts offers perfect beginner sledding. The city does place hay bales around obstacles. Come early after snowfall, as the hills are heavily used and the snow tends to wear away early. The steep and forested drop-off from Wilson Bridge Road is not recommended for safety, but is thoroughly enjoyed by crazy kids…please exercise good judgement and caution. Porta-potties are available here. Entrance road is steep, use caution in icy conditions, and parking is limited.

Scioto Park (Leatherlips Park) at 7377 Riverside Drive: This Dublin park is a runner-up for favorite status, as it has both a steep and gentle hill and as a bonus, it offers a designated walkway for returning to the top…let’s hear it for avoiding pedestrian-sledder collisions! Parking is multiple smaller lots, so keep looking downhill if you don’t find a spot at the top. Restrooms available. In case of accidents, there is a pay phone at the top parking lot, and EMS have a 3 minute response time to the park.

Sycamore Creek Park at 500 Hereford Drive: This Pickerington Park offers two sledding hills, and is a popular spot. Parking is limited and restrooms may not always be available. Sledders report locked restrooms as an issue off and on.

Wyman Woods Park at 1520 Goodale Blvd: This Granview Heights park offers a favorite local sledding hill that is moderate in height and speed and a very popular choice. Parking is somewhat limited, and restrooms are available. Call Parks and Rec at 614-488-3111 to find out if the sledding hills are open when you want to go.

Metro Parks

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park at 8465 Alkire Road: This sledding spot is near the canoe access and features a very popular steep hill with plenty of parking and restrooms. There is usually a fire can for quick finger-and-nose warm-ups. Not for the tots or faint of heart!

Blacklick Woods Metro Park at 7309 E. Livingston Ave: This Reynoldsburg Metro Park has a good hill on the golf course, and there is nearby parking and restrooms. This site offers moderate hill that should please everyone in your sledding party. Restrooms are available, parking is limited.

Blendon Woods Metro Park at 4265 E. Dublin-Granville Rd: Our Westerville Metro Park has a small hill near the entrance that’s a great family sledding spot for those with smaller children. Not for super-sledders, but a great starter hill. Take a right at the Y from the entrance to reach it. Parking and restrooms available.

Highbanks Metro Park at 9466 Columbus Pike: Our favorite Metro Park sledding destination several years running! This Lewis Center park has two hills (a gentle little hill, and a steep monster) at the far end of the driving loop at the Big Meadows parking lot. Parking is very limited, and legal parking is strictly enforced. If you have older kids or are taking an adult party, consider one of the lots nearby, which are easily walkable. Parents of tiny sledders will want to circle for the spots in the lot at the foot of the hills. The monster hill is everything an extreme sledder could want, and caution (and helmet) is advised. There are hay bales around the near trees, but the slope tapers off into forest. The little hill is great for small kids, and ends in hay bales. The lazy parent’s favorite, as the near parking lot allows you  to watch the kids sled without leaving the warm car! A fire barrel is sometimes available for warming.

Sharon Woods Metro Park at 6911 Cleveland Avenue: A Westerville favorite, this park is across the road from St Ann’s Hospital. Parking is at the top of the hill. This isn’t the steepest hill in town, but it offers one of the longest runs for sledders and snowboarders, and is perfect for the sledder who wants “More!” over “Faster!” Bear in mind, a longer run means a longer walk back to the top, too! Restrooms and good parking available.