Stop and Smell the Roses at Whetstone Park of Roses!

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Whetstone Park of Roses in Columbus OH is a multi-use parks where you come for an hour, and end up staying all day enjoying the fragrance and beauty.

The Whetstone Park of Roses is part of Whetstone Park, a wonderful summer destination for all ages. With gardens, prairie, playground, fields, and rec center, this ADA accessible park is for everyone of all abilities and ages.

Whetstone Park of Roses garden

There are three rose gardens, and they are best viewed in June, although some roses bloom earlier, and others later. The sight of all those lovely blooms, the delicate aroma, and beautiful butterflies make for a magical walk.

Native Ohio prairie has been allowed to grow here, and attracts all kinds of wildlife; bird, mammal, and insect alike love the tall grasses and abundant wildflowers.

Sports fields, rec center, tennis courts, picnic shelter, fishing, trails, and natural areas are surrounded with paved paths, making the park very accessible, walkable and bike-able.

This is one of those multi-use parks where you come for an hour, and end up staying all day. Bring a picnic and put the picnic areas to good use; settle in to watch the kids run and play. Take a walk, enjoy the roses, and stop by the playground to use up any remaining energy the kids have left.

A three season knockout, this park will become a family favorite the first time you visit!

Whetstone Park and Park of Roses
3901 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43214

Experience the enchantment of Whetstone Park of Roses and imagine living in a community adorned with vibrant blooms and serene landscapes. Explore our real estate listings and find the home that embodies the essence of this picturesque park.

Photo Credit: Whetstone Park of Roses