Step into a painting at Topiary Park

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60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

Open from sunrise, to sunset, the Topiary Park is a hidden jewel in downtown Columbus.

A destination by itself, this is a landscape of a painting of a landscape! Modeled after the George Seurat painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte”, the topiary is trained to grow into the shapes in the painting, people, pets, and features are all represented by the topiary! Bring a printout of the painting, or a device with the painting downloaded onto it, and enjoy searching for your favorite characters. Children love to play hide-and-seek here, and to compare the painting with real life topiaries.

Columbus OH Topiary Garden

There is a visitor’s center, lake, paved walks, and benches, as well as picnic tables. All areas are ADA accessible.

Host to a music program in the summer, volunteers also plan other events that encourage community involvement. The park is maintained entirely by volunteers and is a world famous destination spot.

The garden is enjoyable through three seasons, the winter months being cold and bleak, although the evergreen topiaries are still visible and enjoyable then.

Topiary Park
480 East Town Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Photo Credit: Topiary Garden tulips by Rod Berry Photography