Spring Cleaning? Free Service Removes Used Furniture

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furniture bank

It looks like Spring is going to sprung soon (unless I have officially jinxed it)…just thought I’d make our community aware of a great organization that provides free furniture to under privileged families and kids in need in our community.

furniture bank

Free Service Removes Used Furniture:

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio offers a free service wherein they come pick-up your gently used furniture at your house, provide you with a tax donation receipt and then provide that furniture free to families in need.

They are in your Central Ohio neighborhood every week or for a modest fee they do offer same day service.

You can schedule a pick-up on line at http://furniturebankcoh.org/ or call (614) 545-3838.

They have a tremendous back log of families that are in need of help.  The families are qualified through social agencies.  A typical family might look like a single working Mom with multiple children—wherein the kids don’t have a bed to sleep on or a table to have dinner or do homework.  Your sharing of your unwanted gently used furniture will make it possible for one more family to make their apartment or house feel like a home.