Something Special About Dublin, Ohio

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There’s something special about Dublin, Ohio: We have the loveliest and sometimes strangest collection of outdoor art in the area. Yup. That’s one of our biggest and best claims to fame, and we’re proud of it! These pieces are gorgeous, thoughtful, funny, quirky, and just plain fun. Residents and visitors alike enjoy exploring our parks, streets, and walkways to visit this ever-expanding collection.

Dublin OH Corn Art

Some of our outdoor art is big art, really BIG art. Surely someone has mentioned our giant concrete ears of corn? We kid you not, we have a whole field of them. And we can’t forget the great big bronze dancing bunnies…or the stone wall that’s a actually a bust of Chief Leatherlips. There’s a copper house that’s at least log-cabin sized, a going-going-gone-across-a-whole-field clock being whacked by a bat, a life sized resin man climbing a real tree, an interactive street piano, and many more big pieces of in-your-face art.


There’s also smaller, more personal outdoor art sprinkled around Dublin. We strongly suggest strolling the pedestrian tunnel under Emerald Parkway and Dublin Road. Our kids have been hard at work in an annual summer camp, creating mosaics and tiles that show Dublin at it’s best from a kid perspective. This is a walk that will tell you why we all live here, and love to call it home. Oh! There’s a little statue downtown called Daily Chores that shows kids from long ago doing just that. Smaller, you say? How about a single bronze leaf with water dripping from it? Small, but makes you stop in wonder every time.

The something special about Dublin, Ohio is that we are committed to art, surrounded by art, and rightly famous for it!


Photo Credit: Dublin CVB