Seven Lucky Reasons to move to Westerville!

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Move to Westerville

Move to Westerville

Westerville is a great neighborhood in the Greater Columbus Area. With lots of trees, nice homes, good schools, renowned colleges, and great community spirit, you may want to join us in discovering why Westerville is wonderful. We asked around and found seven lucky reasons to move to Westerville so far:

    1. Speedy first responders. Westerville’s crack teams of firefighters, police, and EMTs have an average response time of four minutes. That’s half the national average. They even boast about it on the city website!
    2. Wet again. It’s a funny statement to announce that Westerville has bars, but this lovely town was once known as the “Dry Capital” of the midwest. Temperance activists in the mid 1800’s felt so strongly about the town remaining alcohol-free that they used gunpowder to blow up bars that were built in town. This clash was known as the “Westerville Whiskey Wars”. Check your history books, we can’t make this up. They haven’t done that in many years, though, and Westerville now peacefully coexists with some very nice brew pubs, we promise!
    3. Professional management. The town council is elected by the people of Westerville, but the day-to-day administrative functions are filled by a professional town manager selected by the democratically elected council members. This means the city operations run smoothly and with an overall plan for growth and development. Cities that don’t have a professional town manager can be interrupted by politics. Not so in Westerville, which has smooth sailing, even in an election year.
    4. Smarts. Westerville boasts a high-performing school district for children in grades K-12, but also hosts EIGHT colleges for those with a desire for post-secondary learning. Education is not only valued here for its own sake, but as an employer, and for contributions to the overall community.


  1. Greenery. Not only is Westerville a “Tree City”, with over 20,000 of those large plants that give us shade and oxygen and make our streets and homes look so nice, it has a garden to beat all gardens. Inniswood Metro Gardens has 123 acres of theme gardens and plant collections that wow even expert botanists, and it’s available to everyone for free. A path leads you from one individual garden to the next, through a rock garden, shade garden, and even a storybook themed children’s garden, and that’s not all! Inniswood Metro Gardens is part of what makes Westerville a wonderful place to visit Mother Nature every day of the year.
  2. Outdoor bling. Art makes you think, feel, and talk about it. Westerville is dedicated to enriching their community by providing public art. In 2014-15 there is a sculpture project placing one permanent and six temporary sculptures in public spaces throughout Westerville. The Parks Department also displays public art year round in Inniswood Gardens and Blendon Woods, as well as other public spaces.
  3. Hoover Dam. Of course not the one on the Colorado River! Don’t be silly. Westerville has its own Hoover Dam! The Hoover Reservoir Park offers boating, swimming, fishing, and great photo opportunities to confuse far-away relatives! It’s not as big or spiffy as the Arizona/Nevada version, but they love it. Plus, no one has ever filmed a disaster movie featuring the collapse and destruction of THIS dam!

The Columbus Team knows the greater Columbus area, and we know Westerville. Interested in finding a home in this great neighborhood? Contact The Columbus Team today!

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