“You are the best”

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful experience in buying a home. I have lived in 7 markets and never had a Realtor provide the service, knowledge, sensitivity and compassion you have to my mother and me.

When we met 3 years ago, you realized that I wasn’t able to purchase a home at that time due to trying to sell my home in another state. That didn’t stop you. You called on a regular basis, seeking out what my needs were and always touching base to see if you could be of help. And 3 years later, you helped us find and purchase a home with great and memorable experience along the way. Who could ask for more than that!

I realized at that time, you were the Realtor for me. Your persistence, service and caring over 3 year goes unprecedented. You were so caring to my 85 year old mother (by the way, she has a crush on you). You made sure she was part of the process and provided transportation for her (when I couldn’t).

The closing experience was outstanding! Not a problem at all. Your calm demeanor, knowledge, creativity and persistence is to be highly commended. You have followed up with me several times since the purchase to see how things are going and if all is well. The wonderful experience continues.

I have told my story many times since you helped my mother and me buy a home. I have used our experience with you as a model for my managers and sales staff. You are the best and I am sure The Columbus Team values you as much as we do.

My many thanks to you. I am and will continue to recommend you as the Realtor of Choice!

Please feel free to use my comments, my name and phone number so that I may tell your current, potential and future clients that YOU ARE THE BEST and if they want a great experience for one of the single most important decisions in their life, that Patrick Florence should definitely be a part of it!