Ready, aim, SPRAYground!

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60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

Filled with water features that spray, dump, squirt, and spin, this is a perfect summer cooling-off spot for families of younger kids. The non-slip surface helps young ones keep their footing, and there is very little standing water…so almost no risk of drowning. Some of the water features are automatic, and others can be controlled by little hands to take aim at parents, playmates, and other water features.

Adults will enjoy watching the fun from benches and grassy areas perfect for blankets and folding chairs. Rec staff do help supervise, although as always, parental supervision is most important to keeping little ones safe. It does get really crowded later in the afternoon, so if going late, plan to play with the kids to supervise play and ensure safety. Early hours are far less crowded, and kids can play well together within sight of parents on the sidelines then.

Barnett Rec Center Sprayground
1184 Barnett Road
Columbus, OH 43227