Prepare to Applaud at Dublin’s Coffman Park

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Get ready to applaud at Dublin's Coffman Park! Experience the vibrant entertainment and community events held at this remarkable park in Dublin, Ohio.

Dublin Skate Park - Coffman Park

Dublin’s Coffman Park is a favorite hangout for Central Ohio kids who love to skate, skateboard, and scooter. Tricks of all levels are shown off to watching friends and parents, and little watchers are captivated by the antics of the bigger kids. Used by Columbus kids of all ages, there’s beginner, intermediate, and expert level areas designed for skateboards and inline skates. The occasional smaller child is seen using a scooter, too. There is plenty of sunny seating for parents, free parking, as well as some nearby picnic areas.

Coffman Park features three playgrounds, volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, bike path, outdoor amphitheater, skate park, and restrooms. It also includes a rentable pavilion and two covered picnic shelters.

Coffman Park in Dublin

The three playgrounds are appropriate for all ages, and have equipment interesting to all kids, and benches nearby for watchful parents. Not all of the seating is shaded, but the playgrounds are worth a little sun.

The ball fields and courts are fully set up, simply bring your own ball and players. The restrooms are flush toilets, simple, but functional and clean. Changing areas for infants are available.

The pavilion and picnic shelter are available for rent, and a great idea for events like reunions and birthdays, with lots for kids and adults to do right nearby.

This park has a four season bike path, that’s also great for inline skaters. With heavy bike use, it’s less appropriate for the wheelchair or stroller set, although it is ADA accessible.

Coffman Park is home to the Dublin Irish Festival, a great Central Ohio festival that is fun for all ages. Worth coming at least three seasons a year, and there may be winter programs available here through Dublin Parks and Rec.

NOTE: The skate park has been updated and is in a new location south of Perimeter Drive just north of the Dublin Justice Center, which is located at 6565 Commerce Parkway. This is part of the Coffman Park Expansion project.

Coffman Park
5200 Emerald Parkway
Dublin, OH 43217

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