Our response to COVID-19

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Clients and friends,

We value our relationships with our clients, friends, families, fellow agents, affiliates, and partners. We look forward to being part of the fabric of this great community for many years to come.

We just want you to know we are here to help and you can call or text us directly:
Sue: 614-419-3100
Patrick: 614-204-8084
Erin: 614-598-3121
Mary: 614-419-3929
Terry: 614-579-9141
Heather: 614-329-2651
Edie: 614-915-8657
Jeanne: 614-402-3065

Our hearts go out to our families with children with school shutdowns, our seniors in assisted living, our neighbors at the hospitals, our local businesses struggling and everyone impacted by the pandemic. We are immensely grateful for all of the heroes in the medical profession and all 1st responders who are working tirelessly to help during this global crisis.

Our team has many decades of experience that come to bear daily in our real estate business in Columbus and Central Ohio. The heart of our business is always about helping people and connecting people with resources. We are fortunate to have an extensive network of people who may be able to help you out for a trip to the grocery store, watching children or even getting bills paid.

There are so many good people in the Columbus area that are happy to be of service. Call us if you need anything. It does not need to be about real estate. It can be a personal issue and we’ll always work to assist you in some way!

We’ve been asked “How do I sell my home at this time?”

Homes are still selling. Our Federal Reserve just dropped their interest rate to near zero to keep money moving for people buying homes. It’s quite unprecedented.

We can video conference, if you prefer, instead of an in-home selling consultation. We’ll likely have enough information to list your property for sale with a quick tour on your phone, tablet or laptop.

We can even guide you to shoot photos, if you prefer, to keep our professional photographer out of your home. You may be surprised what we can do with our photo editing tools and an iPhone these days! We are taking extra measures to maintain social distance for home buyers looking at our listings as well including limiting showings to one showing at a time. We can even do a virtual showing for our buying clients with a live video tour or facetime call at a property. We are skilled at adapting to the situation at hand and will continue to evolve with the help of our tech tools to help you reach your real estate goals.

If we do need to show your home, we’ll be providing a hand washing station and anything else the CDC recommends to lower everyone’s risk of infection. Safety is our #1 priority.

Some of the top google searches now in real estate are “home prices dropping” and “home prices falling”. That’s not the case at this time. We’ll continue to keep you updated on this.

We are here to guide you and make fact-based, researched decisions if you need to sell your home (or buy one) since life must go on for those in situations who need to move.

This may be you or someone you know. Please know that we have your back.

We are here to help if you need anything. Stay in touch and let us know.

We are inspired by the resourceful and creative ways so many of our friends and family members are finding ways to endure the quarantine with young children. Some of the great ideas coming out of our network include:

  • Create a scavenger hunt for your kids that lead from room to room
  • Take a virtual field trip to a museum or zoo every day
  • Write letters to family members, friends or even 1st responders
  • Read a book aloud to each other
  • Start a cooking challenge
  • Download a free Geocaching app from your app store & join a treasure hunt

Remember these words from Mother Teresa: “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

Your Real Estate Team,
Sue, Patrick, Erin, Mary, Terry, Heather, Edie, Jeanne and Lisa

TCT Hotline: 614-888-6100
Email: Homes@TheColumbusTeam.com