Delight your soccer fan with Major League Soccer in Columbus!

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Excite your soccer enthusiast with the vibrant world of Major League Soccer in Columbus!

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Take your soccer fan, or your whole family out to see the Crew. The Columbus Crew is our professional Major League Soccer in Columbus, and a huge draw for soccer fans all over the state, with over 7,000 season ticket holders. One of the few lucky teams to have a dedicated soccer stadium, it’s a beautiful open air stadium that is a favorite of local fans.

Professional, hard-working, and entertaining, the Crew provides the ultimate live soccer experience in their home stadium.

With plenty of promotional nights, and discount games, this is a fabulous and and affordable date night or family night! Columbus loves her soccer, and the Crew love Columbus fans right back!

Season tickets may still be available. Check their website for specials, discounts, and promotions.

Columbus Crew Field
96 Columbus Crew Way
Columbus, OH 43215

Please note, this information was correct as of the writing date, but things do happen to cause changes that we cannot predict. Contact the venue directly for up-to-the-moment information.