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Are you wondering what’s available in the way of live theater in Columbus? There’s a great list of offerings every season! We’ve included links to venues which regularly offer live theater of all kinds. Find a production of an old favorite, explore a new drama, or settle in for an exciting and unpredictable evening of improv or stand-up comedy! This isn’t just the capital city, it’s a city full of culture with many ways to enjoy live theater here in Columbus!

  1. CAPA Productions are presented in multiple live theatrical spaces in Columbus, and tickets to all are available through the CAPA website from Ticketmaster.
  2. CATCO presents live children’s theater, and is a family favorite in Columbus. Their productions are suitable for all ages. Tickets can be purchased through ticketmaster from the CATCO website. .
  3. Columbus Children’s Theater presents family entertainment for audiences from 5 to 105! A family favorite in the Central Ohio area.
  4. Columbus Unscripted is a forum for locally grown improvisational theater and comedy. From short form sketch comedy to unscripted long form productions, throwing in some unscripted stand-up comedy and audience directed improve, there’s something unscripted here for everyone who loves to laugh and be surprised! Tickets can be purchased online for $6.53 or at the door for $5.00.
  5. Shadowbox Live is a performance troupe that has been operating out of Columbus since 1988. The performers also are responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of the company. Their unique shows typically intersect comedy and music. They also provide outreach & educational programs for students considering the arts & music. They have a variety of shows running including the Lunchbox which is a 45 minute sketch comedy with music on Fridays at lunch. Check their web site for all their upcoming shows and prices. Tickets range from $5 up to $30+ depending on the show and time. Expect to pay extra for food, drinks and tip.

Let us know if we’ve missed any regularly performing venues!

Please note: The information on venues, times, ticket prices, and ticket availability was correct at time of publishing. Since unforeseen circumstances can cause changes, please use the links or contact the venues directly to ensure accuracy before making your plans. Enjoy the show!