Little Buckeye Playground

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Let your little Buckeye climb and crawl on college themed and Buckeye themed shapes at the Little Buckeye Playground, Eastland Mall in Columbus OH

Little Buckeye Playground - Eastland Mall

Update: The Eastland Mall, where Little Buckeye Playground is located, is permanently closed as of December 27, 2022.

With soft surface college-themed and Buckeye-themed shapes to climb, crawl on and through, and lots of imagination fuel, your kids will love Eastland Mall’s play space! There’s always a group of kids to play with, too, just like an outdoor playground. The flooring is soft and low-impact, the OSU shapes are soft and safe for little ones. Parents do have to supervise children, but the area is surrounded by cushioned benches for parent comfort.

A free place to take the kids on a rainy summer afternoon, Eastland Mall, South and East of Columbus, is easily accessible from anywhere on 270. We know, a mall isn’t usually thought of as free, but the indoor play space is perfect for little ones, and there’s no cost to use it!

Come and get familiar with a traditional Central Ohio shopping mall! Adults will enjoy the people watching and there is a nice mix of national chain stores and local start-ups, and the kids will love this soft play area that has a cool OSU theme.

If you’ve been putting off some shopping because you dread dragging the kids with you, this play area makes a great reward for good shopping behavior!

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Eastland Mall
2740 Eastland
Columbus, OH 43232

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