How to Race a Bed

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Join the 2023 Furniture Bank Bed Race at Easton Town Center on October 14th! Donate, race, volunteer, or cheer – make a difference today!

How to Race a Bed - The Columbus Team

2023 Furniture Bank of Central Ohio’s Bed Race

Have you heard? The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio is holding a bed race as a fundraiser on October 14, 2023 at Easton Town Center! Teams will be racing a bed on wheels, style counts, but speed rules. The Columbus Team is proud to once again be involved in the race! This year, we will once again be sponsoring the Kids Zone!

Why Join?

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio uses donations to help families in need in our community. When a family becomes homeless, or experiences eviction, they often lose most of their possessions. When they begin to rebuild their lives, the Furniture Bank offers assistance. No child should have to sleep on the floor. Your help can insure that more children in need can sleep soundly in a bed of their own.

The Furniture Bank serves 80 families a week, 95% of whom earn $24,000/year or less, and the bank donates 1000 furniture pieces each week, with a special emphasis on providing beds. Beds are a big priority for them, as no child should have to sleep on a cold, hard floor. While The Columbus Team helps clients find their dream homes every day, we are humbled to help families in need create a place they can call home once a year. Will you join us in this heartwarming endeavor?

Bed Race event - How to Race a Bed

How Can You Make a Difference?

Your participation matters! There are several ways to help. Explore various ways that you can do to help local families in need, and encourage participants to race their best.

Donate. A simple direct donation to is always needed and appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible.

Support a team. Donations through the bed racing teams are also tax deductible and benefit the charity, but add to the enjoyment of the fundraiser!

Race! Gather a team of 5 people, ages 13 and over (with one alternate), register for the race, and then use your very own fundraising page to gather support. Plus, unleash your creativity by designing and racing your own bed!

Volunteer! They are looking for volunteers the day of the race to help in all areas of the race. Find out how you can help “roll out” the day on the volunteer info page.

Cheer! Come enjoy the spectacle of the amazing bed race, cheer on your favorite team, and make it an annual event. We’d love to see you there!

Join hands with us to create a positive impact on our community. Be a part of the 2023 Furniture Bank Bed Race – an event that empowers families in need and spreads joy to all.

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