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Looking for a challenging activity in Columbus? Look no further than Hoover Dam disc golf course! Don't miss the chance to test your skills in disc golf.

Hoover Dam Disc Golf at Hoover Reservoir

It’s time for a family game of disc golf. Bring your own flying discs, and get ready for fun! The kids will love the Hoover Dam disc golf course, with 27 holes, it’s an intense workout and part of the pro tournament schedule. Fun for all ages, it’s a local favorite, although parts of it are sometimes cordoned off to allow the grass and foliage to recover from steady use.

Hoover Dam Recreation Park is cared for by Columbus Parks and Rec, and offers a children’s play area, observation decks over the water, the disc golf course, bike path, boat launch, soccer fields, and lots of picnic tables, some with grills.

Ohio Hoover Dam - Euze | Hoover Dam Disc Golf

While not as enormous as its Nevada namesake, our Ohio Hoover Dam is large enough to boast a set of stairs that fitness trainers all over Central Ohio recommend to their clients for aerobic exercise and fitness training!

Aside from the steep stairs, there are walking and biking trails, including wetlands walkways and observation decks near the water for both bird-watching and wetlands observation. This is an American Bald Eagle nesting ground, too!

Plenty of boating and fishing with valid Ohio permits and licenses, although no swimming, and lots of picnic tables and a reservable shelter.

Parents, please take note that the dam is not safe to swim near, to prevent tragedies, wade, but do NOT swim in the reservoir… and stay well away from the water nearest the dam.

Birding is four seasons in this park, as is the disc golfing for some crazed enthusiasts, and there is sledding and skiing here in the winters.

Hoover Dam Recreation Park
3715 Sunbury Road
Columbus, OH 43082

Looking to live near the exciting Hoover Dam disc golf course in Columbus, Ohio? Contact us today and let our experienced real estate team help you find the perfect home within reach of this premier recreational destination.

Photo Credit: Euze via Flickr and Julia A. Keirns