Take the Family and the Dog for a Highbanks Metro Park Nature Walk!

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Explore the picturesque trails surrounded by stunning natural beauty, creating unforgettable moments with your furry companion at Highbanks Metro Park.

Highbanks Metro Park Arch Bridge

Highbanks Metro Park has a designated pet trail and welcomes leashed pets. They have several hiking trails, including an easy paved trail perfect for disabled visitors or very young families with strollers or bikes. It has earned the distinction of being a National Natural Landmark due to its impressive 100-foot high shale bluffs along the Olentangy State Scenic River and the historic Indian Earthworks found at the Edward F. Hutchins State Nature Preserve.

Highbanks Metro Park Trail

It is one of our many outstanding Metro Parks. In addition to the people and dog trails, Highbanks offers canoeing, fishing, playgrounds and picnic areas to enjoy. There is a natural play area that allows hands-on exploration and climbing for all ages and an area for “creeking” in the Olentangy River.

The wetland trail and viewing shelter offer a glimpse of wetlands wildlife and plants, making a hard-to-get-to ecosystem unusually accessible!

Don’t forget Highbanks Metro Park in the other seasons, too! They offer year-round nature programs, and sledding hills and cross country skiing in the winter.

Highbanks Metro Park
9466 Columbus Pike (US Rt 23 N)
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Discover the hidden gems of Highbanks Metro Park. Let this experience inspire your real estate search and find a property that fulfills your desire for both adventure and comfort. Contact us if you need help!

Photo Credit: Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks