Frank Fetch Park is German Village’s Hidden Treasure

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Frank Fetch Park is a small park with beautiful flower gardens. It is a secret jewel of German Village, and a perfect stop in a day exploring the gems of German Village. Designed to resemble a German social or Bier Garten, it is filled with flowers, brick paths, and wrought iron features. Many native to Columbus have never been here, and it’s their loss!

Plenty of flowers, fountains, benches and picnic tables, this is a park to wander through and explore. The size of a botanist’s back yard, it’s tiny, but beautiful, and a wonderful oasis in German Village.

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Combine with a trip to other German Village attractions, or plan a leisurely stroll through this tiny park to enjoy flowers, butterflies, and a peaceful spot near downtown Columbus.

Great for lazy summer strolls, this one is a summer and spring spot for us, since the main attraction is the foliage and flowers.

Frank Fetch Park
228 E Beck Street
Columbus, OH 43206

Photo Credit: Ed Elberfeld (courtesy of German Village Society)