Foreclosure Prevention Resources

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Here is a list of contact numbers for organizations working to help you avoid foreclosure. Foreclosure is not the only option when you are having trouble paying your mortgage, please contact one of our team members at 614-888-6100 for additional information without obligation. We’re here to help.

Statewide Resources
Empowering & Strengthening Ohio’s People (ESOP)
HUD Approved Housing Counselors

(216) 361-0718
(877) 731-3767

National Foundation for Credit Counseling
HUD Approved Housing Counselors

(800) 388-2227

Ohio Attorney General’s Office
Information and Referral

(800) 282-0515

Ohio Department of Commerce
Information and Referral

(800) 750-0750

Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA)
Mortgage Payment Assistance

(888) 362-6432

Ohio State Legal Services Association

(866) 529-6446

Save the Dream Ohio
Information and Referral

(888) 404-4674

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
HUD Approved Housing Counselors

(800) 569-4287