Field of Corn… it’s a Dublin thing!

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Savor a delightful outing at the Field of Corn in Dublin, where you can bring a picnic and relax on a cozy blanket in the unique corn sculpture garden.

Field of Corn - Dublin, Ohio
Field of Corn - Dublin, Ohio

Take a picnic, bring a blanket, and enjoy the weird field of corn sculpture garden. No, we’re not kidding, it’s a famous Ohio landmark! “Cornhenge” as it’s known far and wide, is great fun for an odd game of hide-and-seek, a summer picnic, and bring your camera for some fun family photos to share with out-of-state relatives, who will get a kick out of the photos!

This field of 109 8-foot-tall cement ears of corn sprouting in neat rows is an artistic tribute to Sam Frantz, who owned and farmed this field in the past, creating hybrid strains of corn that are still used today. The land, now called Sam and Eulalia Frantz Park, was donated by Sam to the City of Dublin, Ohio. The field of corn installation is locally famous, and has actually made the‘s list of sights to be seen in Central Ohio.

Malcolm Cochran, the artist, completed the field in 1994. Signs about the project and about Mr. Frantz are located next to the row of Osage orange trees on the West side of the park. The variety of corn used as a model is called “Corn Belt Dent Corn,” and the ears are placed so that you cannot see the identical side of another ear from the same vantage point. There’s nothing else in the world like it, and it’s right here in Dublin, Ohio!

Parents please note, there are no bathroom facilities, benches, or water fountains.

Field of Corn
4995 Rings Road
Dublin, OH 43016

Photo Credit: Dublin CVB and Wikipedia