Feed the Hungry: Donate to Local Food Banks

Patrick Florence, REALTOR Author - Patrick Florence

If you are inspired to help feed the hungry this season, here is a list of local Central Ohio food banks where you can donate.

The holidays are drawing near, and we are focused on celebrating with family and friends. Our days and nights are spent in laughter and gratitude, and with special meals and foods we only eat this time of year. Twinkling lights, shimmering candles, and a table filled with conversation and special treats. If this wonderful time of year moves you to think about the neighbors who are worried about how to put food in the fridge and keep their children from knowing how tough it’s getting, you are not alone. Many of us are inspired to feed the hungry and donate to local food banks.

Writing a check to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank is the simplest way to feed the hungry of Central Ohio and donate to an organization that gets food out to many local food banks. They serve nearly 500 local food banks around the Central Ohio area. They work in partnership with local businesses, national hunger organizations, and food producers to maximize every dollar you donate to feed the hungry.

Want to feed the hungry and donate to local food banks in a more personal way? Start a food drive at your church, office, school, book club, or gym. Contact the local food bank of your choice, and ask what they are most in need of…you may be surprised. It may be cereal, rice, canned tuna, peanut butter, or it may even be toothpaste and toilet paper. Then ask your group to donate. When your drive is over, box up the donations and bring them in to the food bank!

Below is a list of just a few of the local food banks around Central Ohio that feed the hungry neighbors living nearby. There are many more out there. The Columbus Team thanks you for being our good neighbor, and thanks you for considering how to feed the hungry and donate to local food banks and pantries this holiday season.

Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center
14 West Lakeview Avenue, Columbus 43202 (614) 268-3539

Neighborhood Services, Inc. or NSI
1950 North Fourth Street, Columbus 43201 (614) 297-0592

St. Stephen’s Community House (Campus Area)
1500 East 17th Avenue, Columbus 43219 (614) 294-6347

Guadalupe Center Food Pantry
441 Industry Dr., Columbus, OH 43204 (614) 340-7061

Open Shelter (Downtown)
61 East Mound Street, Columbus 43215 (614) 222-2885

Dublin Food Pantry
81 West Bridge Street, Dublin 43017 (614) 889-6590

Gladden Community House (Franklinton)
318 South Glenwood Avenue, Columbus 43223(614) 228-2498

Franklin or Delaware Counties
HandsOn Central Ohio Foodlink
They can refer you to the most local food bank or pantry. 2-1-1 or (614) 341-2282

Grove City
Mid-Ohio Foodbank (Grove City)
3960 Brookham Drive, Grove City 43123(614) 274-7770

Reynoldsburg Helping Hands Food Pantry
7356 East Main Street, Reynoldsburg 43068 (614) 868-9394

Westerville Area Resource Ministry or WARM
150 Heatherdown Dr., Westerville (614) 899-0196

Worthington Food Pantry & Resource Center
6700 Huntley Road, Worthington 43229 (614) 985-1766

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