Take Your Nets and Explore the Battelle Darby Creek

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Experience the natural splendor of Battelle Darby Creek in Galloway, OH, and encounter a multitude of captivating creatures.

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

One of our many outstanding Metro Parks, Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park is a great choice for hot sunny weather, since it has lots of room to run and play, and has two creeks in which to cool off and explore. The largest of all the Metro Parks, it features a nature center, 3 hiking trails that all welcome dogs, people-only hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, fishing, hunting, and nature programs for all ages. Osprey Lake offers wonderful fishing and a dog swimming area for your water-loving Fido.

Baby Brett by @cletch - Battelle Darby Creek

Battelle Darby includes sections of both the Big Darby and Little Darby Creeks, and has set aside natural play areas for nature enthusiasts of all ages to splash in the creeks, climb trees and rocks, and explore nature. It also boasts a herd of six bison, which are contained in the bison areas near the Cedar Ridge Area. They can be enjoyed and photographed from a safe distance.

Don’t forget Battelle Darby Creek at other times of the year, too! They offer year-round nature programs that are free and low cost, and add sledding hills and skiing as wintertime activities.

Battelle Darby Creek
1775 Darby Creek Drive
Galloway, OH 43119

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