Culture and History in Downtown Columbus

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Uncover captivating culture and history in Downtown Columbus! Explore remarkable stories, landmarks, and attractions that shape this vibrant neighborhood.

Downtown Columbus

The culture and history in downtown Columbus can be found in the riverfront parks. It includes the James Barney Children’s Fountain, a sculpture garden, Memorial Grove, and the Promenade. All are readily accessible by anyone, and a wonderful way to explore the Scioto River’s urban side.

The Children’s fountain tells the story of an Indian child, and the nearby sculpture garden doubles as a story garden. It’s a favorite for kids of all ages with animal sculptures representing characters in their own story. The memorial grove recognizes city heroes and role models… a great conversation starter and learning point for older kids.

Santa Maria - Culture and History in Downtown Columbus
Sadly, the Santa Maria is no longer available.

The Promenade is a lovely wide paved walking trail that connects Battelle Riverfront Park with Bicentennial Park. There are swings, canals, and tables for board games or chess lining the walkway, and beautiful gardens and trees, too. This is a fantastic place to walk, river gaze, swing, chat and relax on summer days, especially with that cool river breeze blowing the city heat away!

Street parking is the norm here, so stock up on quarters before heading to Battelle Riverfront Park.

Close to many downtown eateries and other attractions, this park can be doubled up with other downtown hot-spots, but we love to visit it and wander through it all on its own.

This is another warm-weather summer spot. While it is open year-round, it is best enjoyed in warm months with plenty of sunshine so the river breezes are cooling and pleasant.

Battelle Riverfront Park
25 Marconi Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43215

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