At COSI Science is SO cool!

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60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

COSI is one of the best places to have an adventure in Columbus and Central Ohio. We love our Center of Science and Industry, and learn something new every time we go!

COSI is especially great on rainy summer days, as the vast majority of exhibits, displays, and hands-on areas are indoors. They run special exhibits and programs every summer, which you can find out about on their website.

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At COSI science is so cool! This is no old fashioned museum! Everywhere there are things to do, touch, use, experiment with, and even climb on and through!

From scientific discoveries through history, to exploring the human body, to weather, oceans, animals and technology, there’s a science subject for everyone. Let’s not forget outer space!

There’s even a tot-space with a supervised waiting and play area for older siblings. Now THAT’s fair!

With an IMAX theater full of extreme screen science movies, a unicycle ride, a giant pendulum, a laser harp…there’s too much to tell you about, you just have to GO there!

COSI is pricey, so plan to spend the whole day to maximize your value. General Admission Tickets start at $25 for adults, and from $20 for youth (2 to 12). Children 2 and under are free, and the building is open 10-5, from Thursdays to Fridays.

333 W. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Please note, this information was correct as of the writing date, but things do happen to cause changes that we cannot predict. Contact the venue directly for up-to-the-moment information.

Photo Credit: COSI