Columbus Zoo: Talk to the animals…and touch them too!

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60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

60 Days of Summer Columbus OH Fun Activities To Do

Our Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is consistently one of the top rated zoos in the U.S., as it has so many interactive exhibits for kids and adults. You can pet a stingray at the Stingray Bay touch tank, feed the birds at the Lorikeet Garden, stroke an animal at the Animal Encounters Village, watch the Animals on Safari live show, get up close and personal at the My Barn domestic creature interactive space, and gently stroke starfish, conch, and other marine beasties in the Tidepool Touch Tank…the zoo has a ton of ways you can touch and interact with these special animals.

Powell OH Columbus Zoo Polar BearsKnown for endangered species preservation, the Zoo has some amazing and unusual animals in addition to the standard lions, tigers, and bears. You’ll find rare and endangered species like manatees, white tigers, silverback gorillas, and more; and stories of rescues, babies, and habitat preservations, too.

From adults looking to expand their understanding of global ecological issues, to the smallest tot learning the name of the animals in the world she is exploring, there is a ton of fun learning to do at our very special zoo. Every exhibit space has information on the habitat, feeding, habits, and preferences of each species displayed, and even information on how humans impact the species as a whole.

Hours are 9am-7pm throughout the summer.

Admission for Franklin County residents:

  • Kids under 3 is free
  • Ages 3-9 is $11.99
  • Ages 10-59 is $16.99
  • Ages 60+ is $11.99

Admission for Non-Franklin County Residents:

  • Kids under 3 is free
  • Ages 3-9 is $16.99
  • Ages 10-59 is $21.99
  • Ages 60+ is $16.99

Annual memberships are available for individuals and family groups as well.
Packages are available that combine an annual Zoo pass with seasonal Zoombezi Bay pass.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
4850 Powell Road
Powell, OH 43065

Please note, this information was correct as of the writing date, but things do happen to cause changes that we cannot predict. Contact the venue directly for up-to-the-moment information.