Columbus Top 10 City for Fastest Growing Job Markets

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Columbus has Jobs!, a site meant to help renters search for a great apartment, has done research on the jobs market in major U.S. cities, to help them predict hot apartment markets.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 20012-15, Abodo says that Columbus is a top 10 city for the fastest growing jobs market. We rank 7th in the nation for community and social service jobs, 9th for high tech jobs, 8th for health care, 10th for arts, entertainment, sports, and media jobs.





How is this relevant to you or to The Columbus Team? People move where the jobs are, and this data shows the Columbus housing market is not only heating up, but has a great outlook for the months ahead, too. A healthy jobs market means more people will be looking to move to here to take advantage of our jobs growth.

It’s a great time to sell or buy a house in Columbus.

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