Columbus, the Heart of Ohio

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Discover the charm of Columbus, the heart of Ohio, a city that embraces a high quality of life with its natural wonders and flourishing arts community.

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Columbus, the heart of Ohio, offers a delightful and inviting living experience. We are blessed with a wealth of beautiful natural resources, rich in arts and culture, and surrounded by affordable and comfortable communities filled with good neighbors. Friendly people, fun places to visit, and there is so much to do here. We love Columbus, and hope you have enjoyed your summertime adventures in exploring our fine city!

Columbus Zoo waterpark

While this summer is ending, many of the places we invited you to visit through our 60 Days of Summer posts are great places to see, play, and enjoy all year round. From the serene landscapes of Franklin Park Conservatory to the thrilling rides at the Columbus Zoo, there’s always something exciting happening in our city.

As the seasons shift, Columbus continues to dazzle with its vibrant charm and endless opportunities for exploration. From scenic trails at Highbanks Metro Park to the quaint streets of German Village, there’s always something new to discover in our city. With a thriving arts scene and a diverse culinary landscape, Columbus offers excitement and adventure all year round.

Throughout the year, The Columbus Team has been your guide to all the best that Columbus has to offer. From exploring family-friendly attractions to discovering hidden gems, we’ve shared our love for this city with you every step of the way.

Thank you for taking this voyage of discovery with us!

Sue Lusk-Gleich and The Columbus Team