Whitehall City Schools

Whitehall City Schools, located on the central-eastern border of Franklin County, has three elementary schools, one junior high school, and one high school.

The Whitehall district is a charter member of the Eastland/Fairfield Career and Technical Centers, which provide training programs for business, technology, agriculture, medical & dental assistance, trade & industrial occupations. Whitehall Schools also provide awarding programs in fine arts including visual & performing arts and vocal & instrumental music.

Middle school students have the opportunity to take classes in math, English, and foreign languages while High school Students can take advanced placement classes or college classes from Columbus State Community College.

Additionally, graduating high school students can also apply to the Whitehall Education Foundation for a scholarship to be used to support the student’s needs during their first year of college.

More information about the district and its schools can be found on the Whitehall Schools website. Whitehall’s superintendent Sharee Wells believes it takes a village to raise a child. Whitehall Schools and the Whitehall community have partnered together to provide programs to help make your children feel healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

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