South-Western City School District

South-Wastern City Schools (volleyball)

South-Western City School District serves over 22,000 students in urban, suburban, and rural settings, making it unique among Ohio school districts where it is the fifth largest district in the state. There are 4 high schools, a Career-Technical School, 5 middle schools, 5 intermediate schools, and 15 elementary schools. Also, included in the district is are 2 special schools, 2 Head Start programs, and 6 preschools.

Some basic statistics for South-Western City Schools are: 63.5 percent of teachers have a master’s degree or higher, 88.8 percent of students graduate from South-Western City Schools. More individual information for the district and its schools can be found on the South-Western City Schools website. In the most recent school year, the Ohio Department of Education awarded South-Western Schools grades for meeting or exceeding the academic standards set by Ohio. You can view the District Report Card online, and learn more about how the school district was created, bringing together small rural districts and a portion of urban and suburban districts to create more efficient and equitable schooling for Galloway and the surrounding townships.