Private Schools in Columbus Ohio

Private Schools in Columbus Ohio


  1. Clintonville Academy
    A secular college prep coed Pre-K-8 school focused on providing an accelerated and comprehensive curriculum for all learners in a safe nurturing environment led by the teamwork of committed staff and parents.

    Quick Facts:

    • Spanish or French instruction begins in Pre-K
    • Computer instruction begins in Pre-K
    • Class trips are available to France, Mexico and Spain
    • Many of our students qualify for advanced placement in high school language classes
    • Weekly visual arts classes, vocal and instrumental music classes
    • The CA robotics team placed second in the GLOBAL competition

    Accreditation: ISACS, and a member of NAEYC, NAIS, NCGS, and OAIS

    Mission Statement:

    Philosophy: Clintonville Academy’s teaching staff and governing board believe:

    That a school should concern itself with the educational growth and development of the whole child – intellect, character, citizenship, cultural appreciation, creativity, social interaction, personal ethics, and emotional and physical well-being.
That a school should recognize the desirability of disciplined learning while at the same time provide for individual freedom and creativity.
That a child learns best when he or she is aware that teachers and parents are concerned about and interested in him or her as an individual.
That small class size is extremely significant in the elementary and middle school years.

    That the educational process of the child should be governed by logic and reason, but that value should be placed upon subjective considerations such as his emotions, imagination, creativity, and desires.

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    Contact information: 3916 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214

  2. Columbus Academy
    A secular college-prep co-ed Pre-K-12 school focused on developing the whole student and achieving excellence.

    Quick Facts:

    • 1080 students, 51% boys, 49% girls
    • 100% of graduates go on to college
    • 65% of faculty hold an advanced degree with average teaching 19 years
    • 125 full time and 18 part time faculty
    • Student-teacher ratio of 8:1
    • 19 AP courses offered
    • SAT average scores: Math 652, Reading 640, Writing 637
    • ACT average score: 29 (Composite)
    • Spanish curriculum beginning in Pre-K, Asian studies beginning in 6th grade
    • Award winning sports, artistic, musical and choral programs
    • Technology-rich classrooms and learning environments
    • High enrollment of  “legacy students” or children of alumni

    Accreditation: ISACS and a member of NAIS and OAIS

    Mission Statement: Columbus Academy– an independent, coeducational college preparatory school – enriches its academic tradition of excellence by valuing a broad diversity of students as it seeks to develop the complete person: mind, body and character. The school rewards rigorous effort and accomplishment, fosters compassion, respect and moral courage, and insists on integrity, fair play and community service. Academy strives to develop and sustain a community of thoughtful, responsible, capable and confident citizens eager to engage in a pluralistic and ever-changing world.

    Admission and Tuition: Admission and Tuition

    Contact information: 4300 Cherry Bottom Road, Gahanna, OH 43230

  3. Columbus Montessori Education
    A secular Montessori based coed Pre-K-6 school focused on providing a high-quality Montessori learning experience for children from birth through sixth grade.

    Quick Facts:

    • Most of our teachers hold a BA or Montessori credentials or both.
    • Teachers are trained in the curriculum and philosophy
    • 3 year age span in each classroom
    • Children work at their own pace
    • Freedom of choice within structure
    • Emphasis on respect
    • Fosters independence
    • Develops critical thinking skills

    Accreditation: ISACS and NAEYC, NAIS, and is an affiliate of AMS, chartered by the state of Ohio, and a member of MACTE

    Mission Statement: Some general Montessori principles:

    First, independence is encouraged:

    • Materials are available on low shelves so children can self initiate work
    • Children are active participants in all care routines
    • The environment is set up so that children can be successful with minimal adult intervention

    Second, respect for self, others, and the environment is stressed:

    • Teachers create a community for beginning socialization skills with children and their peers
    • Children are responsible for cleaning up after themselves at mealtimes and throughout the work cycle, in addition to assisting with practical life opportunities caring for the classroom
    • Teachers are continuous models for respectful interactions

    Third, the development of concentration is valued:

    • Materials are presented in a way that entices children.
    • Children actively explore materials so learning is meaningful and attention is sustained.
    • The completion of a full work cycle is supported and encouraged.
    • The schedule of the day is flexible and allows children to work uninterrupted.
    • Children are active participants in complex multiple step processes throughout the day.

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    Contact information: 979 James Road, Columbus, OH 43227

  4. Columbus School for Girls
    A secular college prep girls Pre-K-12 school focused on developing character, mind, and body.

    Quick Facts:

    • 125 faculty and staff members
    • 617 students
    • Over 65% of faculty hold advanced degrees
    • Teacher-student ration of 1:9
    • 100% of graduates go on to college
    • Spanish language program begins in Elementary level
    • Latin, Mandarin, and German are offered at the Middle School level
    • US Dept of Education Blue Ribbon High School
    • 15 AP courses offered
    • Award winning sports, musical, and artistic programs
    • After school care and enrichment classes are offered

    Accreditation: ISACS, and a member of NAEYC, NAIS, NCGS, and OAIS

    Mission Statement: Columbus School for Girls, a college preparatory school founded in 1898, is dedicated to girls’ intellectual, social, and ethical growth from infancy through twelfth grade. The school is characterized by challenging academics, enriching arts and athletics, supportive relationships, and a range of diversity. We encourage girls and young women to discover their distinctive potential and to strive for excellence amid the challenges and opportunities of a global and dynamic world.

    Admission and Tuition:  Admissions, Tuition info

    Contact information: 56 South Columbia Ave, Columbus OH

  5. Gahanna Christian Academy
    An Evangelical Christian coed K-12 school providing a quality Christ-centered education to prepare students for a life of ministry and service. GCA is dedicated to bringing every student to his or her highest potential: academically, socially, and spiritually.

    Quick Facts:

    • Students from Christian homes whose parents profess faith in Christ and are active evangelical church members are eligible for enrollment
    • 100% of faculty have graduated from accredited colleges and universities
    • 100% of our faculty/staff profess their faith, and are active evangelical church members
    • Many of our faculty have advanced degrees
    • 40 faculty members
    • 500 students
    • Over 100 local churches are represented in our student body
    • GCA cooperates with homeschooling families, offering courses and transcripts as per admissions
    • Contact the school directly for more information about AP courses, or test averages

    Accreditation: fully accredited by the State of Ohio, is a member of ACSI and OHSAA, and is chartered by Ohio Department of Education

    Mission Statement: Gahanna Christian Academy (GCA) is a vital part of Pathway Church Ministries and is open to families who desire their children to learn and grow in harmony with the Word of God.  GCA presents, without apology, the truth about Jesus Christ as it is revealed in His Word.  Students attending GCA are encouraged and inspired to make lifetime commitments to Christ and to Christian principles under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Our school clearly emphasizes love for country, church, a Christian fellowship, and friends.

    Admission and Tuition: Admissions, Tuition info

    Contact information: 817 N Hamilton Road, Gahanna, OH 43230

  6. Liberty Christian Academy
    Christ-Centered education Pre-K-12 that is private, non-denominational Christian School.

    Quick Facts:

    • No affiliation with a particular church
    • College preparatory curriculum
    • Athletic programs/teams available
    • Visual, performing and dramatic arts programs available
    • Mission and service projects offered
    • Academic, religious, and moral foundations
    • Christian faculty
    • Extended care available
    • 325 students
    • All educators are degreed and certified/licensed by Ohio Dept of Education
    • Cooperation agreement with homeschooling families, tuition and admission requirements apply
    • Average ACT scores were 21.8 Composite Score
    • Spanish available at grade 8
    • No AP courses available

    Accreditation: Chartered and accredited by Ohio Department of Education

    Mission Statement: The mission of Liberty Christian Academy is to provide a quality Christian education in a Christ-centered environment in order to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve God and impact the world through biblical thought and action.

    Admission and Tuition: Admissions, Tuition info

    Contact information: 10447 Refugee Road, Pataskala, OH 43062

  7. Marburn Academy
    A secular coed school for Pre-K-12 bright students who learn differently.

    Quick Facts:

    • While not using IEPs, Marburn does outline an IRP or Individual Remediation Plan for each child
    • Focused on a positive learning environment
    • Outdoor Adventure and Athletic program
    • Social and self-awareness opportunities
    • 170 students
    • Teacher-student ratio is 1:4
    • Non-profit, independent day school
    • Only Columbus school with academic and co-curricular programs designed for unique learning needs
    • 100% of Marburn graduates go on to college
    • Four year college preparatory high school
    • Laptop program
    • Intramural and interscholastic athletics program

    Accreditation: ISACS, AOGPE for Orton-Gillingham instruction, and Ohio Department of Education, and a member of NAIS and OAIS

    Mission Statement:

    Marburn Academy is Guided By a Unique Dual Mission:

    Marburn’s First Goal

    The first goal is to provide Central Ohio with a school offering the finest education for bright children who learn differently. State-of-the-Art programs and teaching approaches that are solidly based on scientific research help us to reach this high expectation.

    State-of-the-art school programs, featuring scientifically-validated teaching methods are designed to enable bright students with learning differences such as dyslexia and ADHD:

    • to acquire the high level academic and cognitive skills,
    • to develop the talents, personal values, self-management skills, and social skills,
    • to build the self-knowledge and strength of character which they will need to graduate from high school, to succeed in college, and to engage in meaningful and rewarding careers.

    Teaching Methods:
    Marburn’s teaching methods are constantly being refined to incorporate the latest findings from the fields of education, cognitive science, and brain research as they apply to the unique learning needs of students with learning differences. The goal of the curriculum is to enable students with dyslexia or ADHD to realize and fulfill their potential in academic, intellectual, social, and emotional development.

    Remediating skill deficits, building self-awareness and self-advocacy, and developing thinking skills are the main objectives of the first phase of the program. When skills in the deficit areas approach grade level, students then become eligible for entry into the second phase of the program. This phase is focused on building the students’ capacity to employ their new skills independently, on more demanding tasks, in larger groups, and with less individual attention and support. Success in this phase ensures that a student is prepared to succeed in high school and college.

    In both phases of the program, the ultimate goal remains the same: to enable students with learning differences to acquire the skills, self-knowledge, and strength of character they need to be successful.

    Marburn’s Second Goal

    Marburn Academy’s second goal is to serve as a catalyst for improving the quality of education available to people with learning differences throughout Central Ohio and the state. In this role, the school acts as a resource for parents, a demonstration center for model programs, and a training center for educators, physicians, psychologists, and other professionals.

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    Contact information: 1860 Walden Drive, Columbus, OH 43229

  8. St. Joseph Montessori School
    A Catholic and coed Montessori Pre-K-8 school focused on educating the human potential.

    Quick Facts:

    • 3 year age range at each level
    • Spanish instruction available from Pre-K on
    • Art, Music, and athletic programs available
    • Spanish and Religion are treated as electives in elementary and middle school levels
    • Technology-rich learning environments, without restriction of learning style
    • Joint Athletic program with St. Mary’s school for 6 sports

    Accreditation: Ohio Department of Education and the Central Ohio Diocese

    Mission Statement: St. Joseph Montessori is a Catholic Montessori community committed to a learning environment that respects the uniqueness of each child in reaching his/her full potential.

    Admission and Tuition: Admissions, Tuition info

    Contact information: 933 Hamlet Street, Columbus, OH 43201

  9. Tree of Life Christian Schools
    A Christian coed K-12 school focused on educating and nurturing young lives in Christ.

    Quick Facts:

    • Sponsored by the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.
    • 6 AP courses
    • Sports programs compete in OHSAA and in ACSI
    • ACT scores show that 90% of Tree of Life students score as prepared for college.
    • Over 50% score above a 24 on the ACT.

    Accreditation: Ohio Department of Education and ACSI

    Mission Statement: In partnership with the family and the church, the mission of Tree of Life Christian Schools is to glorify God by educating students in His truth and by discipling them in Christ.

    Admission and Tuition: Admissions, Tuition info

    Contact information: 935 Northridge Road, Columbus, OH

  10. The Wellington School
    A secular college prep coed Pre-K-12 school focused on educating the whole person in academics, arts, athletics, and service.

    Quick Facts:

    • 631 students
    • Teacher-student ratio is 1:7
    • Over 75% of faculty hold advanced degrees, with the average teaching experience at 15 years
    • 9 sports offerings
    • Award winning athletic, artistic, and musical programs
    • Customized curriculum
    • Latin, Spanish, French
    • 7 courses allow for AP exams to be taken

    Accreditation: ISACS, and a member of NAIS and OAIS and other associations.

    Mission Statement: The Wellington School is an independent, coeducational, preschool through grade 12, college-preparatory day school dedicated to preparing citizens who achieve, lead, and find fulfillment in a global community.

    The Wellington family expects integrity; fosters mutual respect; embraces diversity; inspires each person to discover and strive to meet his or her unique potential; and celebrates excellence in character, academics, the arts, and athletics.

    Admission and Tuition: Admissions, Tuition info

    Contact information: 3650 Reed Road, Columbus, OH 43220

  11. Worthington Christian Schools
    A Christian college prep coed K-12 school developing in students the mind of Christ as they engage in the intellectual, creative, and physical pursuit of truth.

    Quick Facts:

    • Associated with Grace Brethren Churches, advised by Grace Polaris Church
    • Admission department requests to know your church home as a part of application process
    • Our standardized test results continue to be higher than national and state averages
    • ACT average composite score was 24.7
    • High School Math team has won regional competitions five years running, placing third in state
    • Named a National Exemplary School Program by ACSI
    • 40% of faculty possess post-graduate degrees
    • 100% of faculty are licensed by Ohio and earned additional certification from ASCI
    • Our faculty has an average teaching experience of 12 years, 11 of which have been at WCS
    • Award winning fine and performing art programs
    • 17 interscholastic athletc programs in middle and high school
    • 935 students
    • Teacher-student ratio of 1:15

    Accreditation: ACSI and NCACASI

    Mission Statement: Worthington Christian Schools will develop in students the mind of Christ as they engage in the intellectual, creative, and physical pursuit of truth.

    We will accomplish this mission through:

    • Recruiting and developing an outstanding faculty
    • Offering excellent curricular and co-curricular programs
    • Establishing the importance of intellectual pursuit to Christian discipleship
    • Practicing genuine financial stewardship
    • Submitting to biblical authority
    • Promoting a genuine community among our students and families

    Admission and Tuition: Admissions, Tuition info

    Contact information: 6670 Worthington Galena Road, Worthington, OH 43085

  12. Village Academy
    Village Academy offers students from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve an unparalleled educational experience. In addition to exceptionally supportive and engaged faculty members, a challenging yet flexible curriculum enables our students to pursue their interests and passions both inside and outside the classroom.

    Quick Facts:

    • High quality liberal arts education
    • Focused on advancement through mastery
    • Latin, French, Spanish, and Chinese are offered
    • Four college preparatory tracks are offered
    • Science/Math track offers engineering, robotics, holography augment math and science courses
    • Fine/Performing Arts track offers ballet, modern dance, tap, eco arts, printmaking, and drama courses
    • 100% college placement upon graduation
    • Significantly higher than state or national averages on SAT and ACT
    • Experiential learning opportunities at the elementary and middle school levels
    • Award winning athletic teams/sports
    • Cutting edge technology available to students

    Accreditation: Information not available, inquire at school office.

    Admission and Tuition: Admissions

    Contact information: 284 S. Liberty St, Powell, OH 43065