Grandview Heights School District


Grandview Heights Schools serves the communities of Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff in central Franklin County. Both communities are located just northwest of downtown Columbus, and south of Upper Arlington. With both capital city opportunities and the best of tree-lined suburbia, Grandview Heights schools are dedicated to educating and enriching their students and have a strong base of community involvement and support.

Grandview Heights has one K-3 Elementary School, one 4-6 Intermediate, one Middle, and one High School serving about 1100 students overall. Some basic statistics on Grandview Heights schools: 77% of teachers in the Grandview Heights schools have a master’s degree or above and the most recent Ohio Department of Education report card shows that Grandview Heights City Schools was highly rated, a stand-out district in the state of Ohio.

Grandview Heights School offers sixteen AP classes in diverse fields of study, and have been honored as an AP Honor-roll district. Along with the Ohio standard courses, Grandview emphasizes experiential learning and choice through partnerships with Mosaic, Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center, and the Zoo School. In 2018, they added a Senior Explore Experience where students can design their own learning and capstone experience. Arts and Music curriculum is strong in Grandview Heights, with visual arts options, an award-winning select chamber choir, an open concert choir, and multiple band options.

Clubs and extracurriculars of all types are available to Grandview Heights students, including the FIRST Robotics team, In The Know team, academic clubs, arts and literature publications, and a mentoring program that pairs high school students with elementary students.

For more information about Grandview Heights City School District, or to enroll, go the website or call 614-481-3600. To schedule a tour, call the school office directly.