Westerville, Ohio

Welcome home to Westerville, Ohio

Westerville History

Westerville began as a small settlement in 1809, and has continued to grow and mature into the thriving city of 37,000 residents it is today. A leader in community safety and service right from the beginning, Westerville established its school district in 1855, a volunteer fire department in 1860, and its own electric division and water treatment plant in 1898. The trend has continued into the present day, with Westerville’s excellent reputation for everything from prompt snow removal, excellent schools, and discounted electricity, to emergency service response times of under 4 minutes.

Westerville Amenities

Boasting 41 parks and recreation facilities, there is something to do for everyone in Westerville. The 96,600 square foot community recreation center is only one of those 41, and is an important community resource. Sports Illustrated named Westerville “Sportstown, Ohio”, the only city in Ohio to receive that title. The city has worked hard to preserve and improve its green space, which contributes to the quality of life that draws many to live, work, and play here.

Close to the excellent shopping, entertainment, and concerts, of the Polaris area, Westerville also boasts its own thriving downtown, filled with shops and eateries and classic village charm.

Westerville has the best of the past and the present. The city has wisely held onto the best of the past: the strong community feel, great city services, and the village charm. All the while continuing to reach for the best today has to offer: cleaner water, a thriving business community, non-toxic mosquito control measures, and updated city infrastructure. Westerville is a community with a great deal to offer its residents, as they claim “Westerville: It’s just right.”

Image courtesy of newzgirl/ / CC BY 2.0