Buckeye Lake Communities

Popular Buckeye Lake communities include Millersport, Thornville, Walnut Township, and others. For buyers interested in Buckeye Lake homes and easy access to the lake, here is a brief introduction to the communities surrounding their favorite Ohio lake!

The Village of Buckeye Lake

The Village of Buckeye Lake straddles Fairfield and Licking Counties, and is named for the lake on which it was built. Formerly a part of Walnut Township, the village withdrew in 2013, creating its own township. Located on the northern shore of the lake, the community is active in maintaining and improving both charm and infrastructure.

Fairfield Beach

Fairfield Beach, Ohio is an unincorporated community within Walnut Township and located on the south shore of the lake, directly opposite the village of Buckeye Lake. This little community includes two parks, and a charming neighborhood right on the water.


Millersport is in Fairfield County, and it is locally famous for the second-largest festival in Ohio, the Sweet Corn Festival held in early September. Laid out by Mathias Miller in 1825 as a trade port on the Ohio-Erie Canal, a well-preserved segment of which bisects the town. The town has been officially recognized with a continuously operating post office since 1839. Located at the southwest shores of the lake, near Buckeye Lake State Park, residents love the year-round access to water sports and recreation opportunities. There are homes here to suit those who want to live right on the lake, and those who wish for easy access but want the spacious lots and greater elbow room of living near, not on, the water.


Thornville, in Perry County, was originally called Lebanon, and was planned in 1811. By 1820, the town name had changed to Thornville, and federal recognition came with a post office that has been in operation since 1820. Located south of the lakes’ eastern shore, residents have the best of rural and resort life. Perfect for buyers looking to add country living in addition to the easy access to the lake.

Walnut Township

Walnut Township, located in Fairfield and surrounding the eastern half of the lake and to the south, this area also includes in its oversight several of the communities above, and the unincorporated areas in between. Created in 1807, it was named for a large, productive grove of Black Walnut trees on the original site. Schools and municipal service are shared and combined. Like Thornville, Walnut Township homes offer the benefits of country life while still being close to Buckeye Lake.