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Have you heard about the Bug Your Bike program in Columbus? It’s almost as good as a “Find my iPhone” for bicycles! Simply register your bicycle FOR FREE with the City of Columbus, providing basic info about you and your bike, and get a FREE RFID chip to attach to it. By bugging your bike, you vastly increase the chances of your bicycle being returned to you if it’s lost or stolen.

So many stolen bikes are simply taken for a joyride and abandoned. When found, they go to an impound area. This puts a big burden on you to find out where your bike has been taken and then prove it’s yours. Why not register it so when you file a report that your bicycle is lost or stolen, the various impound areas can call YOU to tell you your bike has been found?

Bug Your Bike registration allows you to register your bike by providing your contact information along with distinguishing characteristics of your bicycle. The city then provides you with a free RFID chip to install on your bike so it can be scanned by the City of Columbus, OSU, or COTA. All of these organizations have chip readers which tell them the bike is yours and how to contact you.


How can I bug my bike?

Register online and the RFID chip and instructions will be mailed to you.


Call 614-645-8366 to register by phone. Chip and instructions will be mailed to you.


Register in person by attending select community events such as The Mayor’s Twilight Ride or Pedal Instead to receive the chip and the instructions in person.

Have more questions?

Call the Department of Public Safety at 614-645-8366 between 8:00am and 3:30pm.

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