Bridge Street District Initiative In Full Swing!

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Below is an article by our Team member, Mary Sunderman, that ran in The Locale, our Real Estate News Magazine. You can read the full magazine here.


Dublin Ohio’s Bridge Street District Initiative In Full Swing!

by Mary Sunderman

After finalizing the master plan for the the Bridge Street Initiative in March, the City of Dublin’s major transformation is in full bloom! Those who are familiar regard the city for its amazing parks and rich Irish attitude. However, with this impending project underway, Dublin is soon to become a household name!

The Bridge Street Initiative aspires to make Dublin a vibrant and businesses friendly community with all the amenities of a walking city. While, the city has been known for its manicured streets, endless greenery, and business parks; the expansion will enable Dublin natives and professionals to utilize the city’s most treasured comforts. The addition of the pedestrian bridge will connect Bridge street with historic downtown Dublin by way of the Sciota River. This will allow for scenic lunch breaks and afternoon strolls with the kids effortlessly.

The project will also have some economic benefits as Dublin hopes to grow and diversify their professional demographic. Currently, most residents in the city are homeowners, often with small children. The Bridge Street Initiative hopes to persuade young professionals to work where they live.

Long-term companies such as Cardinal Health and Wendy’s Corporation, who are both headquartered in Dublin, agree the initiative would draw in young professionals while retaining seasoned ones. Moreover, it will create economic competition for new business ventures.

Along with the pedestrian bridge, the city will put in an outdoor skating rink, rock climbing cite, and public plaza all within easy access. This will be great for professionals relocating to the area from a major city as it will provide ample convenience and minimize or even diminish long commutes depending on where they reside. With respect to the Dublin’s Parks and Recreation, the city is also committed to preserve the river and its surrounding natural environments for all to enjoy. Along with providing various river access points and scenic overlooks, there will be an opportunity for environmental education as well.

As if these changes aren’t exciting enough, the city just approved a project to build an eight-story, 150 room AC Hotel by Marriott right in the heart of the Bridge Street District. The contemporary styled lodging will be the second one in Ohio; the other location is in Cincinnati. The hotel will also include a conference center ideal for business travelers who also want to be in a prime location. It is expected to be finished by Summer of 2017.

There is no doubt the Bridge Street District will prove to be fruitful and rewarding endeavor for Dublin residents and visitors alike. Irish will not be the only attitude in this suburb anymore. Welcome to Metropolis, Dublin!