10 Fascinating Facts about Columbus Ohio!

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10-fascinating-facts-columbus-ohDid you know there are many more than 10 fascinating facts about Columbus, Ohio? We’ve chosen only the most interesting ones, the little tidbits and stories even lifelong residents may not have known. The Columbus Team knows Columbus, and we have searched our capitol city for the most interesting facts and stories to share with you! Want to know more? Ask the Columbus Team!

  1. World’s First Cargo Flight: Did you know that the very first air cargo flight landed in Columbus? Pilot Phillip Parmalee flew 2 packages of silk from Dayton to Columbus in a Wright Model B airplane.
  1. Roller Derby: The Ohio Roller Girls, a professional flat track derby team, make their home in Columbus and rank within the top ten teams out of over 300 U.S. flat track roller derby teams currently playing. One of our own, “The Smacktivist” has been named to the 2015 All-Star team!
  1. Plenty of Seats: If every single college and professional sports venue in Columbus was filled to capacity at once, we would have over 172,000 seats filled. Columbus loves sports.
  1. Horsing Around: Columbus hosts the largest single breed horse show in the world every October. The All American Quarter Horse Congress attracts a half million visitors to each show.
  1. The Heart of it All: The Ohio slogan says our state is the heart of it all, but Columbus is just about the heart of the country, at least population-wise. 50% of the U.S. population lives within a 500 mile radius of Columbus.
  1. High I.Q.: The Intelligent Community Forum named Columbus the most intelligent city in the U.S. in 2013. We have placed in the top 20 most literate cities, and the most educated. It helps to be surrounded by great colleges and universities everywhere in the city.
  1. Water Quality: Columbus was the site of the world’s first water filtration facility, designed to fight typhoid fever outbreaks. It was an experimental plant, designed by Clarence and Charles Hoover and that same facility design and treatment protocols are still in use today throughout the world.
  1. Young at Heart: The average age of Columbus, Ohio residents has hovered between 30-33 years old for nearly 10 years, making our city one of the top ten youngest cities in the U.S.!
  1. Junior High: Columbus was the site of the very first Junior High School in the nation, Indianola Junior High opened its doors in 1909 and is still operating today as a charter school, Graham Expeditionary School.
  1. Crafty Brews: Columbus ranks in the top five U.S. cities for craft beer production. We love our sports, and what goes better with sports than a craft brewed beer?