Prevent “Pet-itis” When Selling Your Home

Your home is ready to become an Active listing that’s For Sale.  You’ve straightened, de-cluttered, tidied, painted, and fixed-up all rooms and are ready for a fast sale.

There’s just one little problem.

You house smells.

You might not even notice it. Fido and Fluffy are the culprits, and you might be used to their unique aroma. Prospective buyers, however, will beat a hasty retreat when they get a whiff of your animal’s odor.

Your future sale looks bleak as buyers scatter to other homes and your sales price is reduced. Fido and Fluffy have become the biggest obstacle to you happy home sale.

Here are a few quick tips to prevent your pets from becoming Enemy No. 1:

  • Test your home: bring in a friend or two to do an informal sniff test.
  • Deal with stains or ‘accidents’ as soon as they happen. Stains often occur on, under, or near your pet’s potty areas. Use water or mild detergent for starters
  • If a stain is permanent, bring in a professional to remove it. If a stain can’t be treated, consider replacing floor coverings in the area.
  • Keep animal restrooms spotless. Change litter boxes and clean up back yards often.
  • Keep litter boxes and potty pads out of sight.
  • Deal with stains or ‘accidents’ as soon as they happen.
  • Don’t rely on air fresheners, candles, or incense to cover up foul smells. It doesn’t work, and many people are put off or even allergic to many of these products.
  • Keep pet dander and hair off of rugs, beds, furniture, and clothing. Your sweeper is your best friend.
  • Use an old towel or throw rug in the area where your pets sleep. Animals love their own smell and take comfort in their favorite spot.

Follow these tips and your home will smell fresh and clean. Happy selling!

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