The Columbus Team at KW Capital Partners Welcomes Terry Zellar!

Terry Zellar, Realtor Joins The Columbus Team

Sue Lusk-Gleich and The Columbus Team at KW Capital Partners are pleased to welcome new team member, Terry Zellar! Terry brings over 20 years of experience in the Central Ohio Real Estate Market. She is a perfect fit for a team with a passion for providing the highest level of customer service to every client. Terry enjoys representing buyers and sellers throughout the Residential Market including Corporate Relocation and New Build representation. In addition, Terry brings her expertise in Commercial Real Estate Management in both leasing and sales, adding to our team’s wealth of experience in this dynamic industry. This deep bench of knowledge helps solidify Terry’s status as a true Real Estate professional. With the support of KW Capital Partners, her vast experience in the industry, and a desire to help every client meet their personal real estate goals, Terry has already become a valued asset to The Columbus Team.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to join such a talented and professional group of real estate specialists! The team’s dedication to providing the highest level of services to their clients and their collaborative working style are some of the primary reasons for my decision to join the team.”

-Terry Zellar

Ready for a New Career? We’re Hiring!

KW is #1 in Real Estate. Join our team.We are looking for a unique individual to join our very busy real estate team as a REALTOR Partner. If you are not currently licensed, you will need to secure your real estate license. This opportunity is open to all who qualify. This is not a job it is a career.

This position is for someone willing to own the role and does not settle for average growth in income & personal accomplishments. If you are not a team player, do not have a positive can-do attitude, not willing to do what it takes to succeed, please do not apply.


  • Lead generation, lead follow up, go on appointments, negotiate contracts, practice scripts and role play
  • Attend training events …. must want to grow professionally and personally at a high level


  • Highly self-motivated individual: you just live your life that way, not only when someone is pushing you. You must be hungry, it is a commission only position (with unlimited income potential).
  • Incredibly proactive: not waiting around for someone to tell you what to do
  • Problem solver: solution finder with creativity
  • Flexible: will do what it takes with an up-beat attitude and a smile
  • Great communication skills: both verbal and written
  • Fast learner: you will be exposed to many new ideas and people, if you can’t pick up new concepts fast you will be lost.
  • Accountable: to your goals and the big picture of the team.
  • Above all must be a team player: We are not looking for a rebel. You must appreciate the value of being surrounded by very talented, productive team members and want to be a part of that type of environment.

If you think you might be the right person for this role, send us your resume and more importantly, a cover letter. We aren’t interested in a generic cover letter.

Instead, tell us, in detail, why YOU are the right person for this position.

Send to:

Why Do Real Estate Agents Ask If I am Working with a Realtor?

“Why does every Real Estate Agent ask me if I’m working with a Realtor? It makes me feel like they don’t want to talk to me!”

Why Do Real Estate Agents Ask If I am Working with a Realtor?


Ethics! A reputable, honest agent doesn’t want to “steal” another agent’s client. Real estate agents invest time and effort into their clients, and don’t want to interfere in another agent’s relationship with a client. If you decide the agent with whom you’ve been working isn’t right for you, talk to them and make sure you’ve ended the relationship or contract between you before beginning to work with another agent.


Money! The Realtor is asking you if you are working with someone to find out if you are, in essence, offering earning potential, or if you’re asking for a donation. Many clients either don’t realize or forget that the only way an agent makes any money is when a sale closes. Everything they do for a buyer or seller until that closing is at their cost. Essentially, agents work for free, hoping to close a sale so they can be rewarded for that hard work.


Many of the questions a buyer or a seller ask take time and work to answer. If you ask to see a property, the agent has to schedule time that’s just for you. If you want to know if they know of any homes for sale that meet your needs, they have to do research and create a selection, often including a dozen or more listings. If you are asking for an estimate of your property’s worth, the agent must tour the property, research similar listings in the area, and create a list of comparable listings and present the estimate to you. No matter what the question, it takes time, expertise, and energy that cost real dollars and cents to answer.

Would you work for free? Maybe for a good cause, or a good friend, but on a regular basis for total strangers? Probably not.

Most real estate agents are either in business for themselves, or working entirely on commission. They work as a listing agent to sell a property, or as a buyer’s agent to find you the right property. They do all that work in hope of closing a sale to get paid. It’s a complicated, difficult, and time-consuming process, so most of us choose to work with an agent to make it easy and pleasant. That hard work and dedication is why an agent asks if you’re working with someone.

That agent wants to be the agent to work with you!

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