How Pets Impact Our Real Estate Decisions

How Pets Impact Our Real Estate Decisions

A 2016 study shows that pets can impact our real estate decisions. How? The impact of pets is felt during buying process in two ways: Buyers are aware of the damage pets do to homes, and buyers want to make sure a new home accommodates their own pets when it comes to comfort and safety.

REALTORS have known for many years pets can have a real impact on the condition of a home, and that in turn can affect buyer interest and the selling price of the home. As a seller, you don’t have to erase your pet from your home when you put it on the market, but it is wise to ensure that any damage has been fixed. This includes professional cleaning to remove stains and odor from carpet and upholstery, scratches on doors and floors, and torn screens. Many REALTORS also recommend that you remove your pet from the home during showings. Buyers need to imagine their own pets in your home, so a pet-friendly space without your pet may be best. Consider your pet’s feelings too, as having strangers walking through their home can upset even the most mellow of pets.

The study showed that 61% of households either have, or plan to have pets. So, emphasizing a pet-friendly neighborhood with features such as nearby dog parks and excellent veterinary hospitals can make your neighborhood even more appealing. Home renovations that benefit young families and pet owners, such as fenced yards or laminate flooring are renovations that can increase your home’s value. Pet-centered renovations, such as a pet door, or built-ins such as feeding stations or cat litter closets don’t have to be removed before putting your home on the market. They can be attractive selling points if they are clean and in good repair.

Sellers should be aware of the impact of pets on buyers. A home that looks and smells clean and fresh, with a pet-friendly neighborhood and a few pet-friendly conveniences can be very attractive to more than half the homebuyers out there!

WAG! Dog Festival in Hilliard


The 2019 WAG! Dog Festival is coming to Hilliard! Grab your fur-baby and head on over to Prairie Oaks Metro Park from 10am through 4pm on August 17 to celebrate your fuzzy friendship. Your pup or pups are very welcome. This free event includes pet product vendors with samples and goodies for sale, canine performers, adoption stations, contests, and entertainments fit for both you and your best friend on four legs.

As with any public gathering, please make sure your pet is properly vaccinated and emotionally able to cope with small crowds.

Don’t have a dog?  You’re still welcome and if you find one you want to love at one of the adoptions stations, all the better! It’s the biggest event in Ohio helping dogs in need by bringing rescue groups together with thousands of potential adopters.

Note: The date, times, and details were correct as of publishing, but weather and other factors can cause changes, so please check the website for up-to-the-minute information before making your plans.

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