Move To Columbus, Ohio – Come For The Culture, Stay For The Community

Move To Columbus, Ohio - Come For The Culture, Stay For The Community (Event on Columbus Riverfront)

There are those moments when you look at your lifestyle and realize that something must change.

You may have lived the city life and built some transferable career skills but now’s the time to readjust the work/life balance.

Perhaps the kids are grown and you’re looking for some new adventures.

Most big cities and their surrounding suburbs have become cultural deserts. Sky high prices to match the height of the apartment blocks. Traffic jams that look more like parking lots. Not the sort of place you want to fill your lungs on your morning run.

It’s at moments like this that you dream of a perfect city with a low cost of living, open spaces, plenty of commercial growth, cultural fulfilment and a community spirit that feeds a bright and successful future.

In short you may be dreaming of a move to Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Is Highly Ranked For Livability

Columbus is the state capital of Ohio and the 14th largest city in the U.S. The population of around 910,000 is growing at a rate of 0.85% annually so clearly a lot of people feel that this is a great place to live and work.

Columbus is noted for its high proportion of green spaces even in the downtown area giving the whole city a feeling of openness. This isn’t just confined to the street plan. 

There are welcoming festivals and community events almost every weekend in the summer and fall. A diverse range of cultures, arts, sports and music are celebrated with pride. Everything from the 4th of July to Oktoberfest is covered. Ethnic festivals for Greek, Asian, Irish and Latino communities bear witness to Columbus’s depth of culture.

Central Ohio offers over 50 unique craft breweries, many renowned coffee roasters and a dynamic and industries farm to table movement for the foodie adventurers! Take the Columbus Ale Trail or the Columbus Coffee Trail to wet your whistle on some local favorites. Columbus Food Adventures abound with guided walking tours and even Taco Truck- Food Truck Tours.

This is a city that cares about providing the best living conditions in the country. A cost of living 11% lower than the national average has proved attractive to large companies that want the best people working for them. Startups are thriving in an environment where innovative technology is being harnessed to create a Smart City. A $40 million Department of Transportation grant is being used to fund 15 smart city projects. All this is creating a wonderful environment for commercial development. Columbus is home to some of the country’s top companies.

Columbus has community baked in

If you’re looking for the exhilaration of city life, close to work but with a wide variety of after work leisure facilities then downtown and nearby walkable neighborhoods like Short North, German Village and Old Towne East have everything. Restaurants with international flavors, bars, theatres, a movie multiplex and vibrant music scene. Places to meet and relax for every taste. 

A little further out but still within 15 minutes of downtown, the inner ring suburbs including Upper Arlington, Grandview Heights and Bexley offer great schools and established homes with tree-lined streets. 

The outer suburbs of Hilliard, New Albany and Dublin have newer homes and high rated school districts.  

If country living appeals, then there are rural neighborhoods like Fairfield, Delaware and Hocking. The spectacular wilderness landscapes that surround the city are within easy reach.

A Commute Time That’s Well Below The National Average

Central Ohio Transit Authority, COTA, offers city bus routes to connect the greater Columbus area with a no-hassle commuter experience. Local and express trips run daily and users can obtain daily and monthly passes. Columbus also offers the CoGo Bike Share in addition to a couple of Scooter options with Bird and Lime Scooter rentals.  Car users can take advantage of the reasonably low traffic congestion to get around without extreme commute times. The region is crossed by eight major interstate highways, so Columbus is within a one-day drive or one hour flight of over half the population of the U.S and Canada.

Relax at the end of the working week and feed the soul

Columbus boasts 20 theater companies, 102 art galleries and 16 museums. The national top ranked zoo is a firm favorite with children of all ages and the science museum is ready to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.  There’s more park space per capita than any other city in the U.S.

Multiple golf courses, team sports grounds, water sports and bicycling trails will keep you active. If you prefer to take your sports participation from the stands, then there’s NHL Hockey, Major League Soccer, a PGA Tour Event and minor league baseball team. Ohio State Athletics is of course legendary.

Education And Healthcare Are A Big Deal In Columbus

Columbus has a top-rated K-12 school system and over 50 college and university campuses. There’s a huge array of higher education opportunities offered by The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College. There’s also Capital University and the Columbus College of Art and Design.  

If you’re raising a family or planning a well-earned retirement, it’s reassuring to know that Columbus is home to some of the finest healthcare providers in the nation. Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the Ohio Health system and OSU Medical Center will take good care of you.

Columbus Has A Neighborhood And Home For Everybody

With a housing cost 23% below the national average there’s something to suit every pocket. Whether you’re moving to Columbus to enhance your career choices, settling down to raise a family or looking for the perfect place to retire you’ll find your ideal home here.

With open spaces, walkable neighborhoods, and a wide variety of properties to buy or rent you can build your future and keep your family close. 

Columbus thrives on community, culture, support and diversity.

The challenge will be deciding what neighborhood to choose.

That’s where The Columbus Team is happy to help.

Call us at 614-888-6100 and let us show you your ideal home.

Why Relocate to Columbus?

Why Relocate to Columbus?

Why Relocate to Columbus? The Columbus area is thriving in all major life sectors!

Continued Growth

A recent article by Forbes Media shared some news: the PGA TOUR Superstore chain will soon open a new location in Columbus, adding to the over 40 stores is has in 16 states. Recreation opportunities abound in central Ohio, and golf is one of our favorite pastimes. With Dublin being home to the annual Memorial Tournament it’s a surprise it took them so long!

Job Opportunities

For professionals hoping to relocate here and build a new career, the outlook keeps getting better…

A recent search on LinkedIn showed over 37,000 current jobs in the Columbus Metropolitan Area. Of those, almost 33,000 were full-time positions. The industries ranged from healthcare to logistics, to marketing, and many more. Columbus’ economy is healthy!

Living Conditions

ABC 6 News ran a story on the results of a U.S. News survey on the 125 Best Places to Live in the USA. The survey looked at populous metro areas. The criteria included value, desirability, job market, and quality of life. Columbus not only made the list but did very well. We were named the 36th best place to live in the United States. Columbus was praised for many reasons, including: 

  • A prosperous economy
  • A young and energetic atmosphere
  • Sports teams and nightlife

The city was also lauded for one of the best metropolitan areas to retire in!

Smart City

Here’s something to brag about, and a great reason to relocate to Columbus: The Intelligent Communities Forum announced that Columbus “is one of the seventh smartest cities in the world and the most intelligent in the U.S.” In fact, it was the only city in the U.S. on the list. Columbus won the Smart City Challenge in 2016 and received millions in funding to improve people’s quality of life, drive growth in the economy, provide better access to jobs and ladders of opportunity, become a world-class logistics leader, and foster sustainability. You can read more about the efforts on the Smart City website.

Recreation & Culture

In terms of lifestyle and culture, Columbus pretty much as a lot of everything! It’s what the moving comparison site Unpakt called a “foodie hub,” and one of the popular areas for food is the North Market. And the Short North.  And downtown.  We have to mention the food trucks too! Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you go in Columbus, we love good restaurants with delicious food, and it shows in the quantity and quality of choices available here.

There are so many reasons to love Columbus.  There’s the renowned Columbus Zoo, rated one of the best in the country, a thriving and abundant art, and music community, and the fact that it’s a very family-friendly city with many activity options. There are always multiple events to choose from happening all across our city every day.  It also has a relatively low cost of living!

Cost of Living

Speaking of the cost of living, Sperling’s Best Places gives Columbus an overall rating of 85.5 out of 100. Anything below 100 means the cost of living is less expensive than the U.S. average. Perhaps the best news is that the cost of living for Housing is ranked 68.2/100. The Median Home Cost in this survey was $157,700, compared to a national average of $231,200. Housing is the most significant factor in the cost of living difference for Columbus.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to relocate and live in Columbus! Are you thinking of relocating here? Do you need a partner to help you plan your path? The Columbus Team is here for you! Find out how we can help. Call (614) 888-6100. Or text one of our REALTORS on their direct line.