How to Race a Bed

How to Race a Bed

Have you heard? The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio is holding a bed race as a fundraiser on May 2nd, 2020! Teams will be racing a bed on wheels, style counts, but speed rules. The Columbus Team is proud to once again be involved in the race! This year we’ll be sponsor the Kid Zone once again!


The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio uses donations to help families in need in our community. When a family becomes homeless, or experiences eviction, they often lose most of their possessions. When they begin to rebuild their lives, the Furniture Bank offers assistance. No child should have to sleep on the floor. Your help can insure that more children in need can sleep soundly in a bed of their own.

The Furniture Bank serves 80 families a week, 95% of whom earn $24,000/year or less, and the bank donates 1000 pieces of furniture each week. Beds are a big priority for them, as no child should have to sleep on a cold, hard floor. The Columbus Team helps clients find their dream homes every day, but once a year, we are honored to help families in need create a home of their own. Won’t you help us do that?

How can you help?

There are several ways to help! Here’s what you can do to help local families in need, and encourage participants to race their best.

Donate. A simple direct donation to is always needed and appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible.

Support a team. Donations through the bed racing teams are also tax deductible and benefit the charity, but add to the enjoyment of the fundraiser!

Race! Gather a team of 5 people, ages 13 and over (with one alternate), register for the race, and then use your very own fundraising page to gather support. Plus, you get to design and race a bed!

Volunteer! They are looking for volunteers the day of the race to help in all areas of the race. Find out how you can help “roll out” the day on the volunteer info page.

Cheer! Come enjoy the spectacle of the amazing bed race, cheer on your favorite team, and make it an annual event. We’d love to see you there!

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Downsize With a Heart This Holiday Season

Downsize With a Heart This Holiday Season

This year, our team has had the privilege of sponsoring Downsize With a Heart, a social enterprise of the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio. We continue to be amazed at the work they are doing in our communities. Collaborating with them brings us great joy. 

Giving back to our communities is important to The Columbus Team REALTORS® and we hope that you will join us this holiday season. If you utilize Downsize With a Heart’s packing and moving services, you are also contributing to the Furniture Bank. The Furniture Bank turns empty houses into homes, by providing furniture to individuals and families in need due to poverty or other severe life challenges.

We want everyone in the Columbus communities to have a fully furnished home this year. If you don’t need help with downsizing, you can go to the Furniture Bank’s website to give a donation. The Furniture Bank also has a Thrift store for your holiday shopping. 

Thank you for joining us in building better communities throughout Columbus! 

Happy Holidays, 

Realtors With a Heart

Packing and Moving With Heart

Packing and Moving With Heart

Packing and moving into a smaller space can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We’re grateful for organizations in our community like Downsize With a Heart who help with the entire process of packing and moving. They motivate us to be Realtors With a Heart! 

When we were introduced to Downsize With a Heart, a social enterprise of the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, we knew that home buyers and sellers could use their services. They not only help you with the planning, packing, moving, and unpacking, they also help you donate items and help others. Really, it’s a win-win service. 

Don’t let packing take a toll on your life. If you want to learn more about how Downsize With a Heart can help you, contact us. Our team is proud to sponsor their mission. 

Building Better Communities in Columbus

Building Better Communities in Columbus

Real estate isn’t just about the sale for us. It’s about people. It’s about communities. 

We believe in building better communities in Columbus and we’re driven to make them welcoming environments for individuals and families to call home. This is why we partner with organizations like the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio. They provide furniture to people in need due to poverty or other severe life challenges. They work hard to make sure every one of their clients get 94%-95% of the key furniture items they need to make their house a home. In return, family units and individuals are given a better quality of life and a community is strengthened.

Since working with the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, we are continuously blown away by the work they are doing. Annually, they pick up and distribute nearly 60,000 pieces of gently used furniture and give each household 5 to 20 pieces of furniture based on need. Now that’s a lot of moving trucks! 

We are determined to give back to communities in Columbus in helpful, tangible ways. This is always a priority for our team. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we find collaborating with community organizations is the most effective and sustainable solution. 

This year, we are sponsoring the Furniture Bank’s Bed Race once again. Will you join us in building better communities in Columbus by contributing to this event? There are several ways you can do so: donate, participate and race a bed, or sponsor the event. 

However you choose to be a part of this fun community collaboration, we hope you’ll stop by and say hi to us. We’ll be in the Kid’s Zone. Visit us to learn more about this great organization we care about and cheer on your favorite bed racing team!

Event Details

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019

Time: 10 a.m. 

Location: Hollywood Casino

Click here to learn how to start a team. 

Click here to donate.

Furniture Bank Bed Race! The SlumberJacks Need Your Help!

bed-race-furniture-bank-central-ohio-flickr-dominic alves

The Columbus Team is going to race a bed…yes, a BED…on May 21st as The SlumberJacks to raise money for the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio. We are helping our neighbors in need to make a house a home! Can you donate to a great cause?

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio provides free furniture to local families who are struggling with poverty and difficult circumstances. They collect furniture donations and build furniture for people living in bare or barely furnished housing. In 2015, the FBOC served almost 4,000 families by giving them what they needed to create a safety and comfort in hard times.

Please donate, and come out and see us race our bed to the finish line on May 21, at 10am in Goodale Park! Join us in having fun while helping others.

Visit the Team Slumberjack page to donate online by clicking the “Donate Now” button on the right hand side, or drop a donation at our office. Any donation is greatly appreciated. $250 can provide a struggling family with enough furniture to create a home, we hope to raise enough money to help 2 or more families. Can you join us by making a donation? Every donation will help The Columbus Team “Slumberjacks” and the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio turn empty spaces into homes.

Click Here to Donate

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