Sellers- How Is Your Home Showing Online?

When you sell your home, you must be aware of how your home shows…and these days, that includes how its showing on the internet!

Often, buyers have shopped around online before they even approach a Realtor, and Realtors encourage their buyers to go online to get a feel for prices and the market. Remember the old saying, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression”? Well, that’s true when selling a home, too! Your home should be presented in the best possible way where it will be seen first, and most often. Multiple GOOD online photos from the first day on the market are a must!

Why do you find so many homes online with only one exterior photo? Or no photo? Honestly, it’s poor marketing. Over the years we’ve heard lots of excuses, from camera problems to Sellers not wanting photos displayed, and even “ugly house syndrome.”

I’m going to be blunt here: If you don’t have multiple photos of your house online the day you put your house on the market, that house is not going to sell as quickly or for as much as it might. It’s just poor marketing. You AND your home deserve better.

Buyers check online to see new homes that have come on the market…and they aren’t checking back days or weeks later to see if more photos have been added. The photos need to be there right away to make the impact you want!

We’ve all toured homes that were just lovely, but had no online presence. And most of us remember touring a home our Realtor had to “sweet-talk” us into seeing because the photos were lackluster…only to find it looked great in real life! Those homes, whether priced at $150K, or $1.5M, deserve better marketing. Even homes with blemishes or “issues” can be marketed with clever photos to entice buyers to consider homes they might otherwise have skipped. We know a buyer who fell in love with photos of golden hardwood floors and custom built-ins, and decided to overlook the reality of a railroad behind the house and toured the home despite her doubts. The floors were gorgeous, so were the built-ins, and the sunroom overlooking a lovely yard sealed the deal. She bought the home, railroad noise and all…and it was the photos that got her in the door! That’s the power of good marketing!

Frankly, all homes can be made to look their best in photos. Visual images of a home’s best features can entice a buyer, and keep them touring the whole home to see what they first saw online. It is a tool EVERY Seller needs, and it’s just good marketing practice!

BEFORE you select a Realtor, look at their online listings. All of them. Are there multiple photos? Do the photos showcase attractive features of the home? You are going to trust your Realtor to market your home in order to sell quickly and at a good price, so how are they marketing their other listings? And notice, too, how long the homes have been on the market. Its a good idea to ask the Realtor for the average number of days their listings spend on the market, and how that compares to your city’s average, too.