Visit an Historical Home in Worthington

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The Orange Johnson House Museum is a Worthington treasure, and a perfect place to visit on a rainy Sunday afternoon this summer.

When you step inside, you are transported back into 19th Century Worthington, as this is one of the oldest homes standing in the original location in central Ohio. From the moment you enter, you are surrounded by the past.

The pioneer architecture is complimented by the antique furniture, art, and tools on display. Costumed guides describe life and everyday pursuits of the Worthington settlers, and of the family who first lived in this home. From work, to play, to food preparation and sleep, the docents are pleased to tell you all about life in the past.

The tours and the historical home in Worthington is maintained by the Worthington Historical Society.

Check their website for current events, cost, and hours.

Group visits are available by appointment if you’d like to include your church or school group.

Orange Johnson House
956 High Street
Worthington, OH 43085-3536

Please note, this information was correct as of the writing date, but things do happen to cause changes that we cannot predict. Contact the venue directly for up-to-the-moment information.