Help the Realtors With A Heart Help Our Community!

bed-race-furniture-bank-central-ohio-flickr-dominic alves

It’s not too late to help! The Columbus Team is proud to be known as the Realtors With A Heart for their second annual Bed Race! A fun fundraiser for the Central Ohio Furniture Bank, an organization providing furniture for needy community families trying to get back on their feet.

How can YOU help?

Donate. You can make a simple donation to the Central Ohio Furniture Bank so no child has to sleep on the floor, ever again.

Pledge. Want to get in on the fun? Pledge a donation to the team of your choice, Realtors With A Heart, of course! Donate here, then come out and cheer us on to victory!

Sponsor. It’s not too late to become a corporate or private sponsor. Get your company name out there, or get acknowledged for your good works. Help a struggling or homeless family get back on their feet and create a home again.

Cheer. Come out and cheer us on! Wear your jammies, or dress like a grown up, and hoot and holler the Realtors With A Heart on to eternal fame and (charitable) victory! We’d love to see you there!

Thank you for being our wonderful neighbors, and we hope to see you at the 2017 Bed Race at the Hollywood Casino at 200 Georgesville Road on May 6th starting at 10am.

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