Happy 4th of July and the VA Home Loan program

The Fourth of July is a day of celebrating America’s independence and freedoms. Freedoms that are protected and defended by our Armed Forces personnel. Thank you to all our men and women on Active Duty, Veterans, and their families.

With loan rates still favorable, it’s a good time to use one of the most valuable benefits earned by our men and women in uniform; the VA Home Loan program. A VA Loan allows you to purchase a home with a loan that is guaranteed by the US government, and is therefore a less expensive option in most cases. VA loans are available for Veterans, Active Duty personnel, Reservists and National Guard members, and some surviving spouses (of personnel who died on Active Duty, or who died of causes directly related to their work on Active Duty). You can find the details of eligibility on the VA website. They also list the exact forms you will need to prove your eligibility, how to apply, and estimate how long it will take to generate and receive those forms.

Even if you’ve used your eligibility before, you may still be able to re-apply for eligibility if your first VA home loan was paid in full or assumed by another Veteran. For details, visit the VA Home Loan FAQ webpage to see if you can reclaim your eligibility for a VA home loan.

As with other VA benefits, eligibility requirements are strict, and using the VA website or office to ensure that you have the right proofs and forms can streamline the process of applying for the loan. When you have the required forms ready, your lender can assist you in applying for eligibility as well as the loan. Any questions? The Columbus Team would love to answer them, and help you find the right home, for the right price, for your needs. It’s an honor and a pleasure to serve our men and women in uniform. Happy Independence Day!