Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival

2018 Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival

For a little bit of money (less for children under 12 and Military personnel, both of whom are free), you can enjoy some great music at the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival. Better still, it’s June, the weather is (usually) stable and nice, and this event is coming up this weekend. From June 15 – 17, Creekside Park & Plaza is letting loose with music and all sorts of other events. The price for Adults is only $7 to $10 a day, or you can buy a weekend pass for only $21. You have an option to reserve seats or an entire table for more. Check out the ticket prices on their website.

Billed as “Best Blues & Jazz in Ohio”, you can find out everything you need to about this annual event by visiting their website. In the meantime though, here are a few things we’ve found out that may tempt you to get your jazz on…

First, take in some of the best jazz and blues music in Ohio (and beyond). Second, think about location (Creekside Park and Olde Gahanna). Third, consider that over 90 hours of entertainment will be presented on five separate stages. And there are fourth, fifth, sixth and many other great pluses to this event; amusement rides for the kids, great food, vendors, and more.

You know the price of admission, you know the location, and you have a website address that lists all the other details you may want to know. If you have some time this coming weekend, the last thing to know is the experience. Enjoy!