Columbus, Ohio…A Great city to live, work and play!

The NY Times is writing about Columbus! Business First is touting Columbus as One of the 10 Best Cities to do Business in 2009 and we still have good reason to celebrate our beloved Buckeyes and their crushing defeat over the team to our North….you know who I’m talking about. (Even if your not a football fan, the city does FEEL it when we win or loose during football season and everybody loves a winner!) Our Columbus Crew won the MLS Championship this year. We are famous around the globe because of our Crew! The Columbus Board of Realtors reminds us that Real Estate is always local and we do enjoy an “Affordable, Stable and Available” market place for homes. I have several friends who have enjoyed the “Columbus Boomerang Effect” even further bolstering my personal opinion that we are an Awesome City! (Have any people in your life that leave for a bit, but come back to plant some roots? That’s the Boomerang Effect!) While I love so much of the development plans Columbus has underway and I’ll always be a fan of the University District and all that it encompasses, our music scene is completely stellar and where do I start with our impressive array of restaurant choices! However, I’ll always maintain, that Columbus works because of our people. It’s always about the people despite all the other treasures we have to offer. You might have to poke around a little bit to find your people, but once “you’re in”, you are home. What are some of your favorite things about Columbus? We would love to hear from you!